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Willow Run (WR) Test Labs, Inc.
7117 Fieldcrest Dr.
Brighton, Michigan 48116 USA
Tel: (734) 252-9785
Fax: (734) 926-9785
e-mail: info@wrtest.com
Re: Certification for TRW Automotive
IC: 1470A-54T
Pursuant to USA FCC 47 CFR 0.457(d) and 0.459 and Canada IC RSP-100, Section 10, TRW Automotiverequests
that a part of the subject application be held confidential. TRW Automotive has spent substantial effort in
developing this product and it is one of the first of its kind in industry. Having the subject information easily
available to ”competition” would negate the advantage they have achieved by developing this product. Not
protecting the details of the design will result in financial hardship.
Exh 04 - Block Diagram
Exh 05 - Schematics
Exh 10 - BOM + Placement
Conf. Type
Includes proprietary internal oscillator frequency information.
Includes proprietary design information
Includes proprietary design information
Permanent Confidentiality: TRW Automotive requests that any exhibits listed above as permanently
confidential be permanently withheld from public review.
Short-Term Confidentiality (FCC Only): TRW Automotive requests that any exhibits selected above as short
term confidential be withheld from public view for a period of days (noted above) from the date of the Grant of
Equipment Authorization and prior to marketing.
If there are any questions regarding the application or testing performed, please contact us at the above address or
call (734) 252-9785, or e-mail info@wrtest.com.
Joseph D. Brunett
Willow Run (WR) Test Labs, Inc.
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