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          read me
    Caution: Before using your phone,
please read the safety, regulatory and legal
 information provided with your product.

             This product meets the applicable national or
             international RF exposure guidance (SAR guideline)
             when used normally against your head or, when worn or
             carried, at a distance of 5 mm from the body. The SAR
           guideline includes a considerable safety margin designed
to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health.
To view the SAR values for your phone, visit https://motorola.com/
sar. To view additional SAR information on your phone, swipe up
> Settings > System > Legal information > RF information. To view
the information on the web, visit

At a glance
Let’s get started. We’ll guide you through
startup and tell you where to find more
information about your phone and its great

   Front Camera
                                    Headset Jack

   Back Camera

  SIM & microSD                     Volume Buttons
      Card Slots
         Sensor                     Power Button
       (on back)                    Press:
                                    Display on/off.
                                    Press & hold:
                                    Phone on/off.



Put in the cards
Depending on the model, your phone might
support using two SIM cards.
Caution: Make sure you use the correct size SIM
card and don‘t cut the SIM card.

                                                         Nano SIM

|    Insert the nano SIM and memory cards.
     Insert the SIM tool—into   Insert the SIM cards—with        I
1—   the tray hole to pop       the gold contacts down
|     out the tray              Insert an optional microSD
                                card (sold separately)

          =                     One SIM card:
g                               Two SIM cards:

              #                               'j
      mmroprme          ommz mm                     rmgxrugh

     Push the tray back into your phone:
                                  Caution: Handle the
                                  tray with care to avoid

                  4                                      mae

Finish up
Connect your charger to charge your phone
fully, then turn on the power. Follow the screen
prompts to get started.
For phones that use two SIM cards, follow the
prompts to set them up.
Note: Your phone comes with a—rapid charger
for the fastest charging speeds. Use of other
chargers is not recommended.

        Charge up.
        Before using your
        phone, fully charge it
        with the charger
        provided                               }

  ry—~         wermgoy—             rrexse         po>

    I       Power on.

                         ‘ Press & hold Power
                           until the screen lights

Control with one touch
Unlock and more with just one touch.
Fingerprint and screen lock: Swipe up   >
Settings > Security & location.
• Face Unlock: Swipe up    >    Settings >
  Security & Location > Face Unlock.

                Fingerprint Sensor
                  Press to unlock.


Useful apps
When you’re up and running, try these apps to
see what you can do with your new phone.
Find it: Swipe up     from the home screen to
see all your apps.
• Moto: Explore special features designed to
  save you time and make your day easier.
  Check out display options, actions your
  phone can do, and more.
• Camera: Your camera takes crisp, clear
  photos and videos, but that’s not all. See
  features, like landmark recognition, selective
  focus, and background replacement.
• Play Music: Stream it, buy it, save it, or play it.
  Listen and create playlists anytime. And with
  Moto Display, you can control playback even
  when your phone is locked.
• Google ChromeTM: Access the Internet to
  shop, search, learn or just browse.
• GmailTM: Connect to all your email accounts
  and manage them in one easy place.
• Google Duo: Make and receive video or audio
  calls—over Wi-Fi when it’s available.
Note: Your phone may not support all features.


Help & more
Get answers, updates, and info:
• Help is here: Swipe up   >    Moto Help to
  learn how to use your phone and get support.
• Get more: Get software, user guides, and
  more at www.motorola.com/mymotg.
• Get apps: Tap  Play Store to browse and
  download apps.
• Join the conversation: Find us on YouTube™,
  Facebook™, and Twitter.

Where is my legal, safety and
regulatory information?
In order to provide you with better access to this
important information, we’ve made the materials
accessible from the phone’s settings menu and
on the web. Review these materials prior to
using your device. To access the materials from
a connected phone, go to Settings > System >
Legal information, and select a topic. To access
the materials on the web, visit


Battery safety. Before assembling, charging or using your mobile
device for the first time, please read the important product safety
and legal information provided with your product.
If your mobile device becomes unresponsive, try a reboot—press and
hold the Power button until the screen goes dark and your device
For your safety, the battery in your mobile device should only be
removed by a Motorola approved service center or independent
qualified professional. Don’t try to remove or replace the battery
yourself—doing so may damage the battery and could cause burning
and injury. Don’t crush, bend, or expose your mobile device to heat
or liquid. This may damage the battery and could cause burning and
injury. Don’t try to dry your mobile device using a microwave oven,
conventional oven, or dryer.
Warning about high volume usage. To prevent possible
hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long
Disposal & recycling. Help do your part! Please don’t dispose
of mobile devices or electrical accessories (such as
chargers, headsets, or batteries) with your household waste.
Product packaging and product guides should only be
disposed of in accordance with national collection and
recycling requirements. For details on approved national
recycling schemes and Motorola recycling activities, go to:
Usage. This phone supports apps and services that could use a lot of
data, so make sure your data plan meets your needs. Contact your
service provider for details. Certain apps and features may not be
available in all countries.
Regulatory information. To view the Regulatory ID (such as FCC ID)
for this device, on the phone, go to Settings > System > Regulatory
information, or visit www.motorola.com/device-legal.
Warranty. This product is covered by Motorola’s limited warranty. To
review the warranty on your phone, go to Settings > System > Legal
information > Warranty, or visit www.motorola.com/device-legal.
You may also obtain a copy of the warranty by contacting Motorola
at: Motorola Mobility LLC, Attention Customer Service--Warranty
Request, 222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1800, Chicago,
IL 60654.
Arbitration & opt-out. Except where prohibited by law, any
controversy or claim arising out of or relating to any Motorola
product will be resolved by binding arbitration, instead of in court,
unless you opt-out. To opt-out, send a written rejection notice
within 30 days of purchase that includes your name, address, phone
number, device, and device serial number, and tells Motorola that
you are rejecting this Arbitration provision to: Motorola Mobility


LLC, 222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1800, Attn: Arbitration
Provision Opt-Out, Chicago, IL 60654 or arbitrat@motorola.com. For
more information on this arbitration provision, on your phone, go to
Settings > System > Legal information > Arbitration and opt-out, or
visit www.motorola.com/device-legal.
Legal disclaimers. Certain features, services and applications are
network dependent and might not be available in all areas; additional
terms, conditions and/or charges might apply. Contact your service
provider for details. All features, functionality, and other product
specifications, as well as the information contained in this guide,
are based upon the latest available information and believed to
be accurate at the time of printing. Motorola reserves the right to
correct, change or modify any information or specifications without
notice or obligation.
Copyright & trademarks. MOTOROLA, the stylized M logo, MOTO,
and the MOTO family of marks are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. LENOVO is a
trademark of Lenovo. Google, Android, Google Play and other marks
are trademarks of Google LLC. microSD Logo is a trademark of SD-
3C, LLC. All other product or service names are the property of their
respective owners.
© 2019 Motorola Mobility LLC. All rights reserved.
Product ID: moto g7 play (Model XT1952-1, XT1952-2)
Manual Number: XXXXXXXXXX-A
Motorola Mobility LLC
222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL 60654



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