AC117R Baby Monitor Cover Letter Agents Letter Angelcare Monitors Inc.

Angelcare Monitors Inc. Baby Monitor

FCC ID Filing: N7TAC117R
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Date (05/07/2017)
Balfour House,
Churchfield Road,
KT12 2TD
Dear Sir or Madam,
Company: Angelcare Monitors Inc.
Address: 201 Boul. De I’industrie, Local 104, Candiac, Quedec, J5R 6A6, Canada
hereby authorize
TÜV SÜD Certification and Testing (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch
Building 12&13, Zhiheng Wisdomland Business Park,
Nantou Checkpoint Road 2,
Nanshan District 518052,
Shenzhen, CHINA
Aaron Lai
Phone: +86-755-88286998-3298
to act as our agent in all matters relating to applications for equipment authorization, including the signing of all
documents relating to these matters.
We also hereby certify that neither we nor any party to this application are subject to denial of U.S Federal
benefits, which include FCC benefits, pursuant to section 5301 of Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, U.S.C 862
because of conviction for possession or distribution of controlled substance.
This authorization is application to product:
Type of equipment: BabyMonitor
Model name: AC117-P, AC115-P, AC110-P
This authorization expires one year from the current date.
Your Sincerely,
Company Officer: Roxane Popoviciu
Telephone Number: (450) 462 2000
Fax Number: (450) 462 9993
201 Boul. De I’industrie, Local 104, Candiac, Quebec, J5R 6A6, Canada
Téléphone: 450-462-2000 Télécopieur: 450-462-9993 Sans frais : 1-866-761-0511
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