2Q29100 Vive headset Cover Letter NGE_HMD_FCC_簽回 HTC Corporation

HTC Corporation Vive headset

FCC ID Filing: NM82Q29100
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101160, Issue 03
Declaration of Authorization
Name: HTC Corporation
Address: 1F, 6-3 Baoqiang Road. Xindian District,
City: New Taipei City 231,
Country. Taiwan
Declare that:
Name Representative of agent: Willis Chen “’
Agent Company name: SGS Taiwan Ltd
Address: 134. Wu Kung Rd., Wuku Industrial Zone
City: Taipei County
Country Taiwan
is authorized to appty for Certifiwtion of the following product(s):
Product description: er headset
Type designation: 2029100
Trademark: HTC
on our behalf:
Date: 2017/11/23
City: New Taipei City
Name: Elyse Chang
Function: Sr. Director
Signature: i/waoh‘fg/
(1): Required In! FCC application
(2): For FCC it must be the Grantee Code ”ownaf' orrhe authorized agent.
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