NUR21W UHF RFID Radio Module NUR2-1W Cover Letter Modular Approval Letter Nordic ID Oy

Nordic ID Oy UHF RFID Radio Module NUR2-1W

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Cover Letter
June 30, 2017
Federal Communications Commission
Washington, DC 20554.
Dear Sir or Madam:
Nordic ID Oy applies for single modular approval on its Nordic ID UHF RFID Reader/Writer being model
The NUR-10W module fulfils all the eight requirements of the single modular transmitter stated in the FCC
Rule Part Section 15.212:
1. Shielding: Yes, the module has its own shielding.
2. Buffered modulation/data inputs: Yes, in the module there is the micro controller that provides data buffering for
the inputs.
3. Power supply regulation: Yes, the power regulators are incorporated into the module design, which is described in
the NUR2-1W Operational Description.
4. “Unique” antenna coupling and antennas: The module has the surface mounted connection for antennas. Yes, the
requirements of the allowable antennas and the integration instructions how a host antenna circuitry trace layout shall
be designed are given in the NUR2-1W Implementation Guide.
5. Module testing: Yes, the module was tested in the stand-alone configuration with an adapter board.
6. Labeling requirements of the FCC identification number: Yes, FCC ID information is permanently affixed to the
module, and it is in view from the outside of the module.
7. Complying with the specific rules or operating requirements of a complete transmitter: Yes, the module design of
the NUR2-1W takes account of the requirements and the rules being applicable to the complete UHF RFID transmitter
device, and the NUR2-1W Implementation Guide gives the instructions to utilize the NUR2-1W so that the complete
transmitter is able to fulfill the specific rules and operating requirements.
8. Complying with any applicable RF exposure requirements: Yes, the NUR2-1W module is intended for the RFID reader
devices being of a mobile and fixed category. The application includes MPE report of the NUR2-1W for mobile catecory
use. The Implementation Guide gives the requirements of the end-user directions for using or installing the final RFID
reader device and its antenna with a minimum separation distance between the radiator and user’s/nearby people’s
Nordic ID Oy looks forward to obtaining single modular approval on the Nordic ID Oy’s UHF RFID
Reader/Writer module being model NUR2-1W. Please let me know, if you have any questions.
Rauno Nikkilä
Certification Specialist
Nordic ID
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