ICG100NAR-2 4GR ID Label/Location Info <A5BCA952A657> Foxconn International Inc

Foxconn International Inc 4GR

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sect Model Number: memo-mm
H/w Revision: P5
S/W Version Shipped: X.X.X
WW InMWeco!nect. Geo” Default 5er: lntwlneJCG~xxxx
‘®m I! Default Password: uxmxx
LIE Administration URl: 192168101
Admin Password: xnmmxm
Thls Gem: (among: with Pm 1: nl
_ fl” 12V— - - - Fctmln. Operation I: mum» um
Valle-drum (mum: (I) this
mu may nu mw rum-ml
madme M II! this device «lust
swept my hit: new: readied.
MAC address: mxxmoouor lulu‘ngllilodummmatmav
I“ I ‘II lllll Il‘ll‘ llll ll IIIIIIII II II an “mam“ mum.“
Product code+YYYY+WW+xxxxx
Product code= ICG
YYYY = Four characters designating the manufacturing year
W = Two characters designating the manufacturing week
xxxxx = Five characters From 00001 to 99999. Cumulate one week, then clear to zero (contains A~Z) .
Example: 90001 to 99999
A0001 to A9999
lABEL STOCK REF 350'x2.00'wm'| .125" CORNER RADII
[88,9’50‘8 mm]
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