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Intertek Semko AB

Testing Firm Registrations:

Intertek Semko AB - Kista, Sweden

Firm Name: Intertek Semko AB
Location: Kista, Sweden
Expiration Date: 2017-04-29 0
Contact: Bertil Warme
Contact Title: Mr
Address: Troshamnsgatan 44
P.O. Box: Box 1103
City: Kista
Postal/Zip Code: 164 22
Country: Sweden
Contact Email: bertil.warme@intertek.com
Phone Number: 46-8-750-00-00
Fax Number: 46-8-750-60-30
Contract: Y
Accreditation: Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC)
Designation Number: SE0002

FCC Licenses Certified With Intertek Semko AB

CompanyFCC IDProduct
AB CA OstbergA8W-4020527Antenna for Heatrecovery units
AB CA OstbergA8W-4020528Remote Control for Heatrecovery units
Andrew ABR82N4-US80D-RXL24Radio Base Station for W-CDMA
ASSA AB2AEBUS5596932086Access Control RFID Reader
ASSA ABLOY ABY88-AH20R01Wireless Communication Hub
ASSA ABLOY ABY88-AH40R01Wireless Communication Hub
ASSA ABLOY ABY88-MBM1CC2640Bluetooth smart module
ASSA ABLOY ABY88-AH20R02Wireless Communication Hub
ASSA ABLOY ABY88-AH40R02Wireless Communication Hub
ASSA ABLOY Logistic Security Solutions AB2AQJF-ABWBR01Biometric Wrist Band
Avitec, ABPRQCSFT1922Extender GSM/EDGE
Axis Communications ABPNBAXIS211WNetwork Camera
C Technologies ABP3M2Information collector with Bluetooth
Cardo Systems, Inc.Q95AWHS01Bluetooth Headset
Coala Life AB2ALO7CHMHeart Monitor
CommerceGuard ABUA3ATR20101-4Fixed Reader
CommerceGuard ABUA3ATT10102-5Container Security Device
Creowave Oy2AC52R73GRemote Terminal Unit for wireless monitoring system
Creowave Oy2AC52R7WLANRemote Terminal Unit for wireless monitoring system
Creowave Oy2AC52S7Low power wireless transceiver for remote monitoring system
Cypak ABXTUCPX186NFC Enabled Continua (IEEE 11073) USB Converter
DeLaval International ABUCS-OPTIDUOV1RFID reader
Deltanode Solutions ABV5FDDH001Distributed Antenna System
Deltanode Solutions ABV5FDDS001Distributed Antenna System
Deltanode Solutions ABV5FDDH002Distributed Antenna System
Deltanode Solutions ABV5FDDR004Distributed Antenna System
Deltanode Solutions ABV5FDDR2300Distributed Antenna System
Deltanode Solutions ABV5FDDU001Distributed Antenna System
Dometic GmbH2AC5K289023121HiPromatic ZigBee module
Ekahau Inc.TA7-T201-2WiFi Wireless Location Tag
Ekahau Inc.TA7-T301-A1WiFi Location Tag
Electronic Golf Organizer IncTTLEGO1Electronic Golf Organizer
Electronic Golf Organizer IncTTLEGOBASE1Radio Modem
Ericsson ABTA8AKRD901040RBS 6401 (B2)
Ericsson ABTA8AKRD901043RBS 6401 (B25)
Ericsson Business Innovation ABPJPBLIP-C11Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point
Essity Hygiene and Health AB2ABK3-682930Level Sensor for Tork EasyCube communicates via 2.4 GHz radio with the Tork EasyCube Gateway.
FLIR Systems ABRZQ1195256Bluetooth Module MA9C
Fluke ElectronicsT68-BEACON100WiFi Location Tag
GN Otometrics A/SQCN-1010Medical Bluetooth Device
GN Otometrics A/SQCN-1012Medical Bluetooth Device
Grundfos Holding A/SOG3-RADIOMO1-2G4IEEE 802.15.4 Transceiver
Gunnebo Gateway ABL3Z210008AM Deactivator Dual
Gunnebo Gateway ABL3Z210019Anti shoplifting system
Gunnebo Gateway ABL3Z210020AM Deactivator Single
H&D; Wireless ABXO2HDG104IEEE802.11b/g WLAN chipset on a reference platform
Honeywell Hearing Technologies ASO5WQP100EXIntelligent hearing protection and communication system
HTC Sweden ABRP9RCS-HTC-USBattery Operated Remote Control System
HUSQVARNA ABZAS-HQ-BHH-BMSRechargeable Li-Ion Battery with BLE
IKEA of Sweden ABFHO-ICC-1RF module
IKEA of Sweden ABFHO-YH-KZQ-FSRemote control
IKEA of Sweden ABFHO-ICTC-G-1Wireless Dimmer
IKEA of Sweden ABFHO-E1526Gateway
IKEA of Sweden ABFHO-ICC-A-1RF Module
IKEA of Sweden ABFHO-LED1624G9Self ballasted LED lamp
IKEA of Sweden ABFHO-E1743Remote Control
Interlite ABNY2-WDMXTRXFHSS radio transceiver for DMX communication in lighting industry
Interspiro ABYDFSCMBT34320Voice communication system
Konftel ABSNNC1049Conference Unit with Bluetooth
Konftel ABSNNKT300FConference telephone
Laerdal Medical ASQHQ-185-20050Defibrillator Training System with Bluetooth Low Energy communication
Laerdal Medical ASQHQ20-10494Resusci QCPR Manikins
LECIP Arcontia AB2ACLDT2001ARC2310 T2 Contactless Smart Card Terminal
Mirka Ltd2AK2S-HVXRandom orbital sander (DEROS) / Orbital sander (DEOS) with Bluetooth low energy technology
Mirka Ltd2AK2S-BCASpot repair sander
Nanoradio ABUZENRX700IEEE802.11b/g WLAN chipset on a reference platform
National Semiconductor Sweden ABOXTLSE019Proprietary wireless printer module
National Semiconductor Sweden ABOXTLSE039PCMCIA Bluetooth Interface
National Semiconductor Sweden ABOXTLSE039R2Compact Flash Card Interface to Bluetooth
National Semiconductor Sweden ABOXTLSE041PCMCIA card for host enabled Bluetooth devices
National Semiconductor Sweden ABOXTLSE041R2Bluetooth PC card for Host
National Semiconductor Sweden ABOXTLSE044Bluetooth Adapter for Palm V Handhelds
Neurodan A/SQ6AXMHG0575ActiGait® Heel Switch
Neurodan A/SQ6AXMHG0578ActiGait® Control Unit
Neurodan A/SQ6AXMHG0583ActiGait® Clinical Interface
Nextlink.to A/SQNYBLUESPOONBluetooth wireless headset
Nokia Networks R&D;, IP Mobility NetworksPEI-INSITE-1900GSM 1900 MHz Base Transceiver Station
Nordic ID OySCCRF650Wireless data collection terminal
NSM Technology LimitedPT4COMPASSWireless PBX
Ortivus ABPVJ-410000409Multiparameter module for biological signals
Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd2ADUK-BM450710Combi-microwave Oven
Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd2ADUK-BM485710Combi-microwave Oven
Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd2ADUK-BMP250710Combination Microwave Oven
Permobil AB2AKPO331495Bluetooth enabled wheelchair radio modem
Possio ABQ7XQEQU00065Wireless Services Gateway
Powerwave TechnologiesSCEAR3430Repeater
Powerwave TechnologiesSCEAR3700Repeater
Powerwave TechnologiesSCEAR4240Repeater
Saab TransponderTech ABQWZR30Transponder base station for maritime AIS
Saab TransponderTech ABQWZR3-AISMaritime Mobile AIS Class-A Transponder system
SCA Hygiene Products AB2ABK3-466200Tork Foam Dispenser with Intuition Sensor
SCA Hygiene Products AB2ABK3-682830The Tork Foam Dispenser with Intuition Sensor has an embedded sensor with a radio component that forwards information on battery status and refill level to the Tork EasyCube Data Collection Unit (DCU) via 2.4 GHz radio
SCA Hygiene Products AB2ABK3-682850The Tork EasyCube Visitor Registration Unit (VRU) has an embedded sensor with a radio component that forwards information on number of visitors to washroom and battery status to the Tork EasyCube Data Collection Unit (DCU) via 2.4 GHz radio
SCA Hygiene Products AB2ABK3-682860The Tork EasyCube Data Colletion Unit (DCU) communicates via 2.4 GHz radio with the sensor units in the Tork EasyCube system and collects and filter data to be sent to a server via GSM network.
SCA Hygiene Products AB2ABK3-682870The Tork EasyCube Sensor Communication Unit (SCU) has an embedded sensor with a radio component that forwards information on refill level, other status of the dispenser and battery level on the device to the Data Collection Unit (DCU) via 2.4 GHz rad
Scanreco ABN5OD210TR03FH917Remote Control
Scanreco ABN5OD2DRTR03FH917Radio receiver
Scanreco ABN5OD2JOYTR03FH917Joystick control system
Scanreco ABN5OD2MPTR03FH917Receiver
Scanreco ABN5ORC400TR02FH433Radio transceiver module
Scanreco ABN5OSCANRECORC400R/C Transmitter
Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty. Ltd.WZC33950Wireless RF Key Fob
Shimane SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.UAZWMTWipoq Multimedia Messaging Terminal
Siemens AGNXW-RF350MMobile HF RFID Reader
Siemens AGNXW-RF350M02Mobile HF RFID Reader
Siemens AGNXW-RF350M02XMobile HF RFID Reader
SiteTel Sweden AB2ANHWUNT0070-ACEGWGateway
SiteTel Sweden AB2AOKKUNT0071ACEBBBattery Management system or Managed Battery
St Jude Medical Systems ABU4L01080410PressureWire® Aeris
St Jude Medical Systems ABU4L2PressureWireTM AerisTM
St Jude Medical Systems ABU4L201106Wi-Box
Suunto OyRYP19631Suunto Comfort Belt Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
Suunto OyRYP23391Sporting watch with GPS
Suunto OyRYP23921Outdoor watch with GPS receiver and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
Tagmaster ABM39LRXXRFID Communicator
Tagmaster ABM39S15XXRFID Reader
Tagmaster ABM39XTMXRFID Reader
Tagmaster ABM39XTXXRFID reader
Tagmaster ABM39XTMEXRFID Reader
Telephonics Sweden ABRQASRR300APShort Range Radio
Telephonics Sweden ABRQASRR300MEShort Range Radio
Tour & Andersson ABRYT550Computerised measuring instrument/digital meter
Trapper Data AB2AP5U-MT111Keyboard
Trimble ABQKV571225500Attachable Control Unit for Surveying Instruments
Uponor, Inc.V9MUCSRT1Zoning Thermostat
Vaisala Oyj2AO39-AP10AWireless access point
Vaisala Oyj2AO39RFL100AWireless data logger
VELUX America Inc.XSG833429Remote Control
VELUX America Inc.XSG836406RF Interface and Beacon
VELUX America Inc.XSG863765Window Operator
VELUX America Inc.XSG863878Wireless Keypad
VELUX America Inc.XSG863892Control Unit
Viessmann Elektronik GmbH2AIZ9-TR0618Thermostat
Whirlpool CorporationKAWAPIBMS1450Microwave Oven
Whirlpool CorporationKAWAPKBMS1454Microwave Oven
Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd.K6620251X70HF Transceiver with Scanning Receiver