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Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics

Testing Firm Registrations:

Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics - Lincoln, NE

Firm Name: Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics
Location: Lincoln, NE
Expiration Date: 2016-05-31 0
Contact: Aaron Steggs
Address: 4740 Discovery Drive
City: Lincoln
State: Nebraska
Postal/Zip Code: 68521-5376
Country: United States
Contact Email: asteggs@nceelabs.com
Phone Number: 4023236233
Fax Number: 4024725881
Contract: Y
Accreditation: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Designation Number: US1060

FCC Licenses Certified With Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics

CompanyFCC IDProduct
3e Technologies International, Inc.QVT-525A-3WLAN mini-PCI module
3e Technologies International, Inc.QVT-525-V21WiLAN Mini-PCI Module
Adaptivation, Inc.QK7FH-MEFreeHand wireless transmitter
Adaptivation, Inc.QK7FSM-100FREESWITCH Wireless Transmitter
Apollo America, Inc2ACE9-51000305Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
Apollo America, Inc2ACE9-51000355Wireless Smoke and Heat Alarm
Appareo Systems, LLC2AETC-1505005Aircraft Transponder
Appareo Systems, LLC2AETC-1535103Agricultural Computing Device with Cellular/Satellite/WiFi/BT and M2M Transmitters
Appareo Systems, LLC2AETC-15355015AgTag Transmitter
Appareo Systems, LLC2AETC-000034Wireless embedded computer with Cellular/Satellite /WiFi/BT and M2M transmitter
Bauer Compressors, Inc2ALFD-B-RFIDRF ID Reader in Air Fill Station
Bitswave, Inc.P5G368-CCGame Base Station
Bitswave, Inc.P5G368-CC-RController Remote Unit
Bosch Security Systems, Inc.B5D-AP200MWHigh Power Wireless 802.11b Access Point
Bosch Security Systems, Inc.B5D-CPE200MWWireless CPE/Outdoor Bridge
Bosch Security Systems, Inc.B5D-CPE50MW2472AA Wireless CPE/Outdoor Bridge
BV Systems2ARCX-UWBM1UWB Distance Measuring Module
Coble Geophysical ServicesAYS-IRALUKCETAField Identification Reader
Communication Systems Solutions, IncQQIBV2014Baby Monitor
Communication Systems Solutions, IncQQIGC489087Qi Compliant Charger
Communication Systems Solutions, IncQQIQAGGW1000Ag Gateway
Communication Systems Solutions, IncQQIET100Ag Ear Tag
Contro TecSURAS20ControlTec AS-20
CorrisoftOAM2100-433Personal Tracking Device
CorrisoftOAM2100NCPersonal Tracking Unit
Digital Monitoring Products IncCCKPC0198Clarity covert microphone, reception loop & WPTT
Digital Monitoring Products IncCCKPC0193Wireless Remote Chime
Digital Monitoring Products IncCCKPC0194Wireless Smoke Ring
Digital Monitoring Products IncCCKPC0114R6Wireless Receiver
Digital Monitoring Products IncCCKPC0199All-In-One Panel
Digital Monitoring Products IncCCKPC0190Wireless Control Panel
Digital Monitoring Products IncCCK1128Wireless Glass Break Detector
Digital Monitoring Products IncCCKPC0205Wireless Wiegand Module
Digital Six Laboratories LLC2AFTI-WEN9902-928 MHz wireless module
Excel Engineering (HK) Co LtdOWGWS900RXDiaper Wetness Sensor for Home Care
Excel Engineering (HK) Co LtdOWGWS900TXDiaper Wetness Sensor for Home Care
Garmin International IncIPH-A1156Bluetooth GPS Receiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03711Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
Garmin International IncIPH-03346Bluetooth GPS Receiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03610Portable Transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03650Portable Transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03671Portable Transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03644Portable Transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-A3644Portable Transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03525Portable transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03737ETREX 22X/32X
Garmin International IncIPH-03587Portable Transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03556Portable Transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03491Low Power Transceiver
Garmin International IncIPH-03473Mobile Transciever
Garmin International IncIPH-03433Mobile Transceiver
GreenField Direct, LCCYBR-FB100Automatic Water Protection System
GreenField Direct, LCCYBR-FB-2Wireless Water Detector Sensor
GreenField Direct, LCCYBR-FT100PipeBurst Pro
GreenField Direct, LCCYBR-VP100PipeBurst Pro
HEMS TechnologyWFS-HEMS220AC Appliance Monitor
HEMS TechnologyWFS-TXR-USBUSB Dongle/Energy Management Transceiver
Hetronic International IncLW9-CS2400TR2.4 GHz Transceiver Module
Hetronic International IncLW9-RXMFS-AC16RRX_MFS-AC16
Holtzbrinck PublishersT24-RLR13Remote Control
Holtzbrinck PublishersT24-TMX13Remote Control Base
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUSIL1Motor Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUSIL2Motor Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUSTRX2Motor Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUAC1Motor Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUROLMotor Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUPR3Communication Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUPC3Communication Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUSTKMotor Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUSHTMotor Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUPC4Motor Control Hub
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUROL2Motor Control
Hunter Douglas Window FashionsUXUPC5Motor Control Hub
Inovonics Wireless CorporationHCQ3B6OT9HPXEN1252 Module
Inovonics Wireless CorporationHCQ3B6OT9GSKCWireless CO Detector
Inovonics Wireless CorporationHCQ3B64X9RU1Waterproof Senior Living Pendant
Inovonics Wireless CorporationHCQ3B6OT9EPTWireless Pulse Transmitter
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-IPCONController for Trolling Motor on Fishing Boat
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-IPCON20i-Pilot Head Assembly
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-IPMICi-Pilot Micro Remote
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-IPREMHandheld Remote Control for Trolling Motor
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-IPREM15Remote Control Transmitter for Fishing Boat Motor
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-IPREM20i-Pilot Link System
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-TALONFSBoat Anchor Remote Control Transmitter
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-ULTERRAIP15Bow-Mount Trolling Motor
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.T62-ULTERRAIP20Bow-Mount Trolling Motor
Karlnet Inc.Q7O-0003802.11 Wireless Bridge
Karlnet Inc.Q7OKS-CPO010124B802.11 Wireless Bridge
KZCO, inc.XNJ-01Wireless Transceiver Module
Lester Electrical of Nebraska IncOBH-28170Bluetooth Low-Energy Module for Digital Communication
Linx TechnologiesQ7V-3F0001RDTXPortable RF microphone
Linx TechnologiesQ7V-3F0002RDTXBase Station and charger
Linx TechnologiesQ7V-3F090003XWi.232 Transmitter
Linx TechnologiesQ7V-3F090008XWi.232 Transmitter
Linx TechnologiesQ7V-3F090009XWi.232FHSS-250-FCC-R Modular transmitter
Linx TechnologiesQ7V-3F090012XWi.232 Transmitter
LockState2AQA4-3IRLWireless Door Lock
Mediacell, IncTRPWE2106AWireless Tap
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWB-MT9100-BMFuel Tank Monitoring System
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWBMT9100CBULiquid Distrubution Manager
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWBMT9100CTMTank Monitoring System
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWB-MT9100RESROC RMS Repeater
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWB-MT9100R-SATFuel Tank Monitoring System
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWB-MT9100STMSatellite Tank Monitor with 915MHz ISM Radio
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWBMT9100TNKFuel Tank Level Transmitter
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWBMT9103CBUCellular Tank Monitor
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWBMT9103CTMCellular Tank Monitor
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWBMT9104CTMCellular Tank Monitor
MetroTel Corp of MinnesotaRWBMT9104RTMCellular Tank Monitor
MoJo Labs Inc2ANWI-MREMMoJo Remote
Novation Access Control SystemsU4NNHUBWireless Hub
Novation Access Control SystemsU4NNSERIESWireless lockset
Research Technologies, Inc.TUR000220Laser Alignment System
Research Technologies, Inc.TUR000910Laser Alignment System
Savox Communications Oy AbTUF079Clarity Covert Microphone, Reception Looop & WPTT
Savox Communications Oy AbTUF080Wireless Intercom Control Remote
Senior Technologies IncLA5IDUT001Door Monitor
Senior Technologies IncLA5IDUT002WanderGuard Universal Tester
Shur-Co, LLC2ABPI-SCS1PWireless Remote
Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.WEF-UVC4041Access Control System
Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.WEF-UVCICLASSAccess Control System
TDPRO, LLCWEQ-PDBWireless networked gaming device
VivoMetrics, Inc.UWVLS3000RXLifeshirt Belt Pack TX
VivoMetrics, Inc.UWVLS300RXLifeshirt Belt Pack TX
Williams Enterprises Inc.WK2-WFV100Watchfire Remote Video Web Server
Worthdata IncJWSB5001RF Base
Worthdata IncJWSLT7001RF Terminal