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SGS Fimko Oy

Testing Firm Registrations:

SGS Fimko Oy - Helsinki, Finland

Firm Name: SGS Fimko Oy
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Expiration Date: 2017-05-27 0
Contact: Jari Merikari
P.O. Box: 30
City: FI-00211 Helsinki
Postal/Zip Code: 00211
Country: Finland
Contact Email: jari.merikari@sgs.com
Phone Number: 358-9-696-361
Fax Number: 358-9-696-5474
Contract: Y
Accreditation: Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Designation Number: FI0002

FCC Licenses Certified With SGS Fimko Oy

CompanyFCC IDProduct
Abloy Oy2AI5J-CONNECTElectromechanical key with bluetooth interface
Anima AB2AKPL-BT002Smart watch with Bluetooth Low Energy
Anima AB2AKPL-BT001Smart watch with Bluetooth Low Energy
Danfoss Drives2ANSELCP-103VLT Wireless Communication Panel LCP103
Innohome Oy2AG2GRFTX315AInnohome RF TX 315 MHz Module A
LM-Instruments Oy2AGUB70010Dental Tracking System
Mirion Technologies (RADOS) Oy2AHI8-MBD-PD-2Personal dosimeter
Mobilogix, Inc.2AH4HATD500SLTE Asset Tracker with GSM WLAN RX and BLE
Omegawave OyPTJ0010ECG + CNS Bluetooth LE Transmitter
Paumax Oy2AH78-APTT1PTT Voice Responder
Planmeca OyYIIPID001RFID Reader
Polar Electro OyINWW7Heart Rate Sensor
Polar Electro OyINWX4RC3 GPS Training Computer
Popit Oy2APJS-PS1TYPPill reminder device
Quha Oy2AB48UR01Wireless computer mouse
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQBLE112Bluetooth Low Energy Module
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQBLE121LRBLE121LR long range Bluetooth Smart module
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQBLED112Bluetooth USB Dongle
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQWF111IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module WF111
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQWF121IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module WF121
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQWT41EBluetooth Module WT41-E
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQBGM13PBGM13P Bluetooth 5.0 module
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQMGM13PMGM13P 802.15.4 + Bluetooth 5.0 module
Silicon Laboratories Finland OyQOQ13BGM13S/BGX13S Bluetooth 5.0 module
Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC2AJ3M-MSSDKSport vehicles OBD diagnostic dongle
Tracker OyYBW-R50Radio Tracking Receiver
Tracker OyYBW-T60Radio Tracking Transmitter