RT-MWK28 Android TV Remote User Manual K28_说明书_V2.3_20130911 Shenzhen Riitek Technology

Shenzhen Riitek Technology Android TV Remote

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Multifunction Keyboard
All In ONE
User ManuaT
Nobce The cursormiy moue auTomaueaTTy TT The deuTees encoumers
TemperaTure Thande TaTTTTTgrdowTT or TrnpaTT
The ToTToshno sTeps are reouTred Tor cursnv sonecuon
a Turn on The deyTae
b PTaoe The deuTee honzonTaTTy on The TabTe
L Press Ewen hey oT mouse and reTease
d The dense wTH be reseT DaohTTT Led and oTue TTgNwTH be on 3
seconds AherThaT The odrreouon Ts done
Useyourhhgerm scToTT The Touchbad m venorm cursor MDT/WET
TTTothg and dragons eTc
Noose FNv-ATTGT oomanabon Ts To szTch bemeen aTr mouse and
Touohpad DeTauTT mode Ts aTrmouse
Musthg on The heyhnard aneruse
ATTer use oTease swhoh an The deuToe PTaoe The use receTTrer bash To
The chamber To ayer TosThh
Aw: xTc 2 and wake-up nature
The heyheard supporTs auTo sTeep and wakerup WTThouToperahoh
around a TTTTTTTTles‘ The heyooard WT“ enTersTeep rnode Tn sTeepsTeTus,
aTT LED TndToaTors are oh Pvessmg any hey (ehaepTETTcoT Spaoe
WTN) ean wake TT up
T: g gmebmeq
The deyToe adost TTThTurn reaharpeabTe baTTery 0nTy appmved oabTe
and adaoTorean be used Tor eh-rhng
Nobce when There Ts Tow bahery heyooard has Townowerwammg
The LED TTohTTTashes TasT and The keybuzrd maywork abnonnaTTy you
Thanhyou Tor purehasTng The rnTnThTrrneuserTouchpadThudTo ChaT
Keyhoard ‘wTTTch oan repTase oadTuonaT mouse and heyboard TT Ts a
pdnaoTe muTuTunaTTonaT heyooard and mouse aornbd eoquped enTh
TadThonaT heyboardT muTTTmedTa shonouTsT aTTmouse/Tnuchvam 2 Ta
GWTDT Thmugh much you can duTchTy mwse The TMemeL haue on
voToe Th use shype phone and TTsTen To The rnusTo TT Ts oompaubTe
ehTh a uarTeTy oT operaunp sysTems, TThe WTnduws xv anddws \hsTa
WTHGM CE and andows 7T WTTTflnws sTandous zoom and enmed
srnanTv as Tong as The beranaT hassTendard use pun
you haue madeThe nghTshoTce De ready Tor endTess Tun and surpnseT
Fmdud Image
(PTcmTes Tar reTerenTe onTy‘ pTease Tn thd preyaTT)
need To recharge The binary Tn ehaTsTnh red LED thT be om when
Tharngg cumpTeTes‘ Ted LED WT“ he oh
LED lnchn h
When The heyhuara T5 cunhecbed thh The USE TeLeTveT, The bTue TTghT
wTTT he on, when The connesuon Ts dawn bTue TTngTH flashy TT no
aonneoudn am 30 seoonds TTTehTT enTersTeep mode yhTh aTT TTghTs oh
Do ndT aTTempT To deasseraneThe deyToe orrepTaoe reaharpeabTe
bane/y Dam so wTH yon The warm/W
The oaTTery wTTT deaharge TTsTored Tova Tong oenod oThrne mTheuT
Use The soeaThed aharoer DTsoonneoT The deuToe aher The baTTery has
been TuTTyeharged Uverchafgm The baTTery TMTT shonen The The span
m The bonery
Do noTexpose The devTce Tn extreme heaT or con Exbeme
TemperaTures wTH aauseThe TTTe span oT The banery To shorTen
Dse enTy a damp eToTh mTh mTTd soap To oTean The deuTee Schema
and oTher eTeanTng agenm may sausedamage To The deuTse
hTways depose or The used appTTance aT a
reayaTTno oenbe Do noT depdse dT The used
— avoTTanse thh The househon wasTe
w hduws muThmedTacuhboT heys
syhTsh behheenATr Mouse and Touchpad
w reTess audTo Tor onTTne uoToe oommumoanon
Keyboard ynTh bachTTshT
ETTTTHVT reshargeabTe TTThTurn winery
Paehage CohTenTs
MuTTTTunsTTon Keyboard
Dsa wTreTess Recewer
Dsa charge cabTe
Use: ManuaT
Open The pTTT box and pToh up use reoeTyer Trorn baoh odyer oT The
TnserT The use ReoeTyer TnTo an ayaTTabTe use porT
Turn on The heyboardyhTh The switch The heyooard Ts Tound and
TnsTaTTed aubpmaheaTTy No Tunheracbons are reeuTred eyou are now
ready To use your heybdardT
NOTE: When The baTTery Ts km The vanhage TTngTH bTTnhTo warn
The user The unTT thT be auTornaTTsaTTy Turned
oTTTTThe oaTTery has been depTeTed hnd eqqumeTTl needs To he
9mm Regu emenTs
HTD aompaTTbTe deuToe
TomTTnaT wTTh USE mm
W ndows moo
w ndows XP
w ndawssta, andows CE, WTndows T anddws D
Due To 2 es waue TeehnoTogy adupuun‘ The cohneclToTT
can be supTeaT To TnTerTerenae Trorn obsTaoTes TThe waHs
meTaTs or she eTesbonTe deyTees PTease heeo The space oeTween
The heyboard and use receTuerTree oTobsTasTe
Tn TTne yhTh The pdTToyoTodnunued deyeTopmenT The manuTaoTurer
reserves The rTehT To amend The «beeThcaTTons lehaTA onor noTTheaTTon
The TTTusbabons Tn The user manuaT are Tor reTerence onTy PTease
operaTe accmdmg m The reaT desTgTT
LT'ux TDeTTanez Hedra'ra nT Usu'TlH ‘aT mew c TesTedT
hndron ()5 TwaT sTandard USE TnTerTace)
MuTTTTuheTTon Keyhnard
DTmensTon Tea-Toz-zumm
WeTohT T259
WTreTess Recewev
DTmensTon TATTs‘smm
WeTohT 2p
F rameners
ReceTveT (flohgTe) NaTTD shyTe
connecTooTT wTTTT USBZ D aboye
RFmbde 24(3thst
TransstsTon deTarTLe Dp m TD rneTers
TransstsTon PDweT Less Than «do
PaweTsuWTy heehaToeaoTe ooTymeTLTThTumeTon oaTTery
Chavgmg uoTTage A W ~ 5 25v
Chavgmgzunem annmh
sTeeanoCurrenTaTassT BETTA
DoeTauanVoTTage 37v
coeraung Curvem so me T When bashTTTLED Ts on Tbumh
u gATTMouse
TnooensTaTus ThecursorthTToTTowyourgesTuresmdo
“ ThecorrespondTngacTTon suchas moTTTng cTTTthgand
drawn; eTe Pvess FN eALTGT aan ToshThe aTr mouse
and mm ToTTTe Toudhoad mode
Federal ['nmmunitmibns ['nmnlissinn [FCC] Smemem
TTTTT «me mnphe oh. oh T? oTrTu m Rule; epenhon T: TuneT m (TL: oTTonuTe Nu
.onTTohs TH “Tb «am my ToT mm ThThThrT “Thom aTuT T:T I1|T> he T-e m My
.\ne The equwmn In) Treeu TeTeu uuT 1mm (TV hmlph \TIL‘A Te Duo To ; (b: 1; Tom
Tm pTTmuTl Tu ym H of The Eu TTTTTL, nee mm m deem N mud: mum
pvmulTnTH TllsflmmetTilmth TandenTnT TTTTTTTETTT. hhsayopnen 5m
1le on; none mm fiquTeTh- he
HWWKITGHT WV Tense TmnhTT TTnoTerenze (O pour mn‘flnnmu- Hheh mm T3 Tur
an TTTTeT TTTseTTeu aTuT Thad p. meme Torh rTe
humue TTnT uTTinnmzr MIT To MT Tn a yurnhrTmTouThnm lfTTTMYTTTTTTTlveTTT meshes
DTTTLTTT mmfnml (0 mm m Taleymm yes-Two mu :2“ be Theme m nuuhp Te
rqquTTnTn uTrduT Ln I1: Tm a hemmed To n, Tn JUN nu uheTTeaue h} me e me UK
To mums mouse
memo heme The Techno: T'Tmmm
Luann The mom. haTTTttT) The ayhpnen nh (Kenn
e I‘m-NT Tee-he o nTeTpeThpTeTmTTn'TeToTh-nhhn Mp
\Tmmy (Tense m lifimlTnu- nnde Tn To dmn m ewh dwmd Tn 5mm
Rfll-ATKhDDlwp (a lmmmTVMTM¥IKTMTMIT1flTm|TnvpazTI Tome
\Tm “TKTITT’TTITWUDTM Tshh TeTwTsTTrTehn TTTT men n oneneTeheeroedTn TanrhhneT
huhmnm TTTTTTeTunnTeTT 3M“Immkflmhmmfl'mfl Therm mummy To Tpmre Te
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