ELS61-US LTE/WCDMA Module Cover Letter Application Letter Applicant Eroad, .

Eroad, . LTE/WCDMA Module

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                                          Eroad, Ltd.
          Level 3, 260 Oteha Valley Road, PO Box 305 394, Albany, Auckland 0757, New Zealand
                                                                             Date: February 14, 2019
      Federal Communications Commussions
      Authorization and Evaluation Division
      7435 Oakland Mills Road
      Columbia, MD 21046

      Attention: Application Examiner / Review Engineer
      Subject: Request for a Change in Identification per Section §2.933 of the FCC Rules

      To The Commussion:
      This change in identification request applies for a new FCC ID as established in 47 CFR 2.933(b)
      for a currently approved device.
      This application by Eroad, Ltd. will establish a new FCC ID: 2AA93—ELS61—US for the
      purpose of marketing.
      The original grant to Gemalto M2M GmbH, with FCC ID: QIPELS61—US, will remain in effect.
      An authorization letter by Gemalto M2M GmbH is attached.
      Per 2.933(b)
          1.) The original identification is: FCC ID: QIPELS61—US
         2.) The original granted date is: 02/17/2016
         3.) The equipment is electrically identical.
         4.) The original test results are applicable and representative of this device
         5.) FCC ID label, location info, External and Internal photos are included in this application.

      The following files are electronically submitted as attachments:
      — Cover Letter
      — ID Label and Location Info
      — External and Internal photos

      Sincerely yours,


      (C:%Ct Person: Jan(ec(Cl@yton
         mpany: Eroad, Ltd.
      TEL: +64 9 927 4700
      FAX: +64 9 927 4701
      E—mail: jarred.clayton@eroad.com

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