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Class II Permissive Change Letter
Date: December 22, 2017
Federal Communications Commission
Authorization and Evaluation Division
7435 Oakland Mills Road Columbia, MD 21046
Att: OET Department
FCC ID: 2ACJF-FGW-GR24OBG / Original Grant Date: 10/29/2017
Subject: Application for Class II Permissive Change
Regarding FCC Permissive Change Policy guidelines identified in KDB 178919 D01,
please consider this request for a Class II Permissive Change for FCC ID: ZACJF-FGW-
GR24OBG. This is a software change filed under the following conditions:
a) U-NII2 A, U—NII2 C and DFS are enabled by embedded software/firmware
b) The software/firmware change will be applied exclusively by the manufacturer and
no third party will have software, or configuration control to program the device out of
compliance of the technical rules under which it has been certified.
c) No hardware changes have been made.
all The equipment class remains the same‘
e) There are no RF exposure changes because there is no increase in the output power
rating on the new U-NII Z frequencies.
The tests were performed at Intertek Menlo Park and found to be compliant with the FCC
Ricardo Cunha
Altice Labs
Run Eng Jose Ferreiru Pinlo Euslo
3810406 Avewor Portugal
oiiiceiobs (om
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