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Date: AugiEt 13: 2015
To whom it may concern:
We, the undersigned Ven‘fong Inc. (“Verifone”) hereby authorize Daniel Lee
employed by Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (HK) Ltd TaoylflLBLath
(“BV CPS” ; located at No. 19 Hwa Ya 2nd Rd, Wen Hwa Vila. Kwei Shim Dist.
Taoman Cig 33383 Taiwan. ROC. to act on VeriFoue’s behalf in communicating
with the United States Federal Communications Commission “FCC’ for the u ose
of ohm ' product verification and certification in compliance with 47 CPR § 15C
for Model Number V200c Plus m connection with FCC ID: B32V200CPV Acts carried
out by BV g PS on Verifone’s behalf in connection with such product verification and
certification process (in each case, afier obtaimng Verifone’s prior written approval to
take such acts) shall have the same effects as acts of Verifone. Verifone may revoke the
fiaregoing andtorization granted to ms at any time at Verifone’s sole discretion
If you have any questions regarding the authorization, please don’t hesitate to
contact us.
Thank you!
Sincerely yours.
finer, Engineering
Verifone, Inc.
Tel.: +1 (916) 6254833
E-mail: Don_P3@venfone.com
Verifone, Inc, | 2099 Gateway Place, Suite 50!) | San Jose. CA 95110 | USA
(1) 408-232-7800 | (f) 408-232-7811 | www verifanacnm
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