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Authorization on Behalf of HP Inc.
For the US Federal Communications Commission
Office of Engineering and Technology and Other FCC Programs and Offices
1. I, Richard P. Tarsio, am on the Worldwide Technical Regulations staff of HP
Inc. (HP) and Applicant/Grantee Contact of Record for HP Inc. together with its subsidiaries and
affiliates worldwide (collectively, “HP”) for HP’s dealings with the United States Federal
Communications Commission (“FCC”). I am duly authorized by HP Inc. to make this
Authorization on HP Inc.’s behalf.
2. This Authorization will designate the person named below to act on my behalf
and HP Inc.’s behalf as authorized agent and representative, until further notice, with the additional
power to designate one or more third party agents for HP Inc. with regard to particular matters and
applications. All acts carried out and requests made by this named representative relating to any
matter before the FCC, including requests for confidentiality, shall have the same effect as mine.
Manish Oswal
Regulatory Engineer
HP Singapore (Private) Limited.
1 Depot Close,
Singapore, 109841
+65 67032925
3. Questions about the scope and effect of this Authorization should be addressed
as follows:
Richard P Tarsio
US Canada Technical Regulations
3390 East Harmony Road, MS 66
Fort Collins, CO 80528
970 898 8713 Telephone
4. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct, and that
this Authorization was executed at Fort Collins, Colorado on the date indicated below my
Richard P Tarsio
US Canada Technical Regulations
HP Inc.
Date: 17 August 2017
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