E-Label Act

The E-Label Act , also known as the “Enhance Labeling, Accessing, and Branding of Electronic Licenses Act of 2014” is a change in the way devices need to be labeled for FCC Compliance. With all FCC Applications, there is currently a document titled “Label Location”, this new act will bring changes to the labeling procedures.

The act will move many manufacturers to providing the FCC identification information in a digital format on the devices display screen, thus making the back of the device less logo/text ridden.

The main reason to this electronic labeling is cited as “[while] devices become smaller, compliance with physical label requirements can become more difficult and costly.”

The act set forth a timeline for regulation to come out regarding E-Labeling within the next nine months. We will keep you posted when the full details of this act are available and what changes they may have to the application detail process. There’s no word yet as to if Industry Canada will be following suit.

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