The DMR Digital Transceiver manufactured by Ailunce and sold under model number HD1 does not appear to have a valid FCC ID.
The FCC ID listed on the labeling is indicated as 2AAR8AILUNCEHD1, but no corresponding registration for that FCC ID exists.
The grantee code 2AAR8 is a valid code for “HENAN ESHOW ELECTRONIC COMMERCE CO., LTD”, a manufacturer of 2-way radio equipment, but it appears no FCC IDs have been issued to that company for this specific equipment.

Ailunce DMR Digital Transceiver HD1 Labeling
Ailunce DMR Digital Transceiver HD1 Labeling

Per the labeling, this device operates in 2 frequency ranges, 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. The device is also labeled Shenzhen Retevis Technology Co., Ltd