FCC Equipment Testing Firm

East China Institute of Telecommunications

Testing Firm Registrations:

East China Institute of Telecommunications - Shanghai, P.R. China

Firm Name: East China Institute of Telecommunications
Location: Shanghai, P.R. China
Expiration Date: 2016-07-12 0
Contact: Paul Yu
Contact Title: Mr
Address: 7-8th Floor, G Area, No 668, East Beijing Rd
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Contact Email: paul@ecit.org.cn
Phone Number: 862-163-8433
Fax Number: N/A
Contract: Y
Accreditation: 2.948 Listed Test Firm

FCC Licenses Certified With East China Institute of Telecommunications

CompanyFCC IDProduct
Advanced Mobile Payment Inc.2AKJB-AMP6500-1AMP 6500
Asiatelco Technologies Co.XYOA13GUSB datacard Dual-band 900/2100MHz and GSM/GPRS/EDGE in 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Asiatelco Technologies Co.XYOALM-N245LTE Mobile hotspot
Asiatelco Technologies Co.XYOEC-P11Wireless Energy Controller
Audio-Technica CorporationJFZAR3BTATH-AR3BT
Audio-Technica CorporationJFZSR6BTATH-SR6BT
Bright Box Europe SA2AR3JRB4ZCC RB4
CalAmpAPV-200GLMU-200 GPRS
CalAmp Corp.J26-4859300114LTE PCI-e Moudular
D Link CorporationKA2WM800AA1HSPA+ module
D Link CorporationKA2WM800BA1DC-HSPA+ module
D Link CorporationKA2WR330A1EVDO Mobile Hotspot
Datalogic S.r.l.U4GDL35USSmartphone
Doro ABWS5DFC0050Clamshell phone
eSky wireless Inc.YR8ES110GSM (GPRS)/GPS quad-band GPS tracker
Fibocom Wireless Inc.ZMOH35FWCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Dual-band wireless module
Gemalto M2M GmbHQIPPLS62-WLTE Data-Only SMT World-Module
Haier Telecom (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.SG71401W867WCDMA/GSM Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
Haier Telecom (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.SG7201605L30GSM/WCDMA/LTE handset
Hisense International Co.,Ltd2ADOBF102Smartphone
Hisense International Co.,Ltd2ADOBU963Smartphone
Hisense International Co.,Ltd2ADOBT963Smartphone
Hisense International Co.,Ltd2ADOBF8MINISmartphone
Hisense International Co.,Ltd2ADOBF23PLUSMobile Phone
Hisense International Co.,Ltd2ADOBF28Smartphone
Hisense International Co.,Ltd2ADOBKS907Mobile Phone
Hisense International Co.,Ltd2ADOBKS964Mobile Phone
IFLYTEK CO., LTD.2AMI5-EASYTRANS-800TD- LTE Wireless Data Terminal
Ingram Micro Chile S.A2AELAS4040Smartphone
Lenovo (Shanghai) Electronics Technology Co., LtdO57TB3730FTablet
Lenovo (Shanghai) Electronics Technology Co., LtdO57TB8504FTablet
Lenovo (Shanghai) Electronics Technology Co., LtdO57TBX704VPortable Tablet Computer
Lenovo (Shanghai) Electronics Technology Co., LtdO57TB8504XTablet
LongSung Technology (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.XHZA9500eMTC/NB-IoT/EGPRS Cellular Module
LongSung Technology (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.XHZU9507ALTE module
Medical Alarm ConceptsXWI-CS3993G mobile personal emergency response device
Medical Alarm ConceptsXWI-RB2.4G RF transmitter
Micron Electronics LLC.ZKQ-05082013000013G GPS tracker
MobiWire SASQPN-3G-MOBIPRINT3Connected mobile with Printer
MobiWire SASQPN-MOBIPRINT3Connected mobile with Printer
MobiWire SASQPN-MPLITEMOBIPRINT (Wireless Printer)
MobiWire SASQPN-F12G Feature Phone
MobiWire SASQPN-KAYETA3G SmartPhone
MobiWire SASQPN-KOSUMI3G Smart Phone
MobiWire SASQPN-KWANITA3G SmartPhone
MobiWire SASQPN-SAKARI3G Feature Phone
MobiWire SASQPN-3Q-MOBIPRINT3Connected mobile with printer
MobiWire SASQPN-WANETA4G Smartphone
MobiWire SASQPN-MAHPEE3G Smartphone
MobiWire SASQPN-S614G Smartphone
MobiWire SASQPN-ONEIDA4G Smart Feature Phone
MobiWire SASQPN-KANUNA3G Smart phone
MobiWire SASQPN-NIKITI2G feature phone
MobiWire SASQPN-MP3PLUSConnected Mobile with Printer
Moxee Technologies2ADHZ-MOXEEX1WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
Moxee Technologies2ADHZ-MOXEEX10LTE digital mobile phone
Moxee Technologies2ADHZ-X100WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
Novatel Wireless IncPKRNVWM100MiFi Hotspot, LTE Only, Bands 2, 4, 5 , 12, 17
Quectel Wireless Solutions Company LimitedXMR201404UC15UMTS/HSDPA Module
Quectel Wireless Solutions Company LimitedXMR201404UC15MUMTS/HSDPA module
Shanghai Broadmobi communication Technology Co., LTd2AON8-BM817CLTE Wireless Module
Shanghai Simcom Ltd.UDV-201314GSM/GPRS(850/900/1800/1900MHz)+BT Wireless Data Module
Shanghai Simcom Ltd.UDV-201606LTE-FDD/HSPA MODULE
Shanghai Simcom Ltd.UDV-201709LTE-FDD/HSPA MODULE
Shanghai Simcom Ltd.UDV-201710LTE-FDD/HSPA MODULE
Shanghai SIMCom Wireless Solutions Limited2AJYU-SIM7000ALTE CAT-M1(eMTC) Module
Shanghai SIMCom Wireless Solutions Limited2AJYU-8PSA301SIMCom 4G Smart module
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25W1301POS System
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25W1300POS System
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25V1SNFCWireless data POS System
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25W6900Smart POS system
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25T2POS system
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25T2LITEPOS system
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25L2Handheld Wireless Terminal
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25T2MININFCPOS system
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25T2MINIPOS system
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25T5921Wireless data POS System
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25F4600Self-Checkout Kiosk
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25S2S2
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25V2T5930
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25M2M2
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25ND060ND060
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25ND070ND070
Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co.,Ltd.2AH25ND020ND020
Shenzhen Neoway Technology Co., Ltd.PJ7-1901eMTC Module
Suzhou Mobilead Eletronic Technology Co.,Ltd2AFBBM80WCDMA wireless data terminal
TCT Mobile LimitedRAD485Bluetooth headset
VeryKool USA IncWA6S4513Mobile Phone
VeryKool USA IncWA6S5027Mobile Phone
VSN Technologies Inc.2AA9WV1001WCDMA Digital Mobile Phone
VSN Technologies Inc.2AA9WV1002WCDMA Digital Mobile Phone
VSN Technologies Inc.2AA9WV2002WCDMA Digital Mobile Phone
VSN Technologies Inc.2AA9WV2003WCDMA Digital Mobile Phone
Wingtech Group (Hong Kong) Limited2APXW-YDE022Wireless Data Terminal
ZTE CorporationSRQ-ZTEKISQWCDMA/GSM (GPRS) Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
ZTE CorporationSRQZTEN880GCDMA Digital Mobile Phone
ZTE CorporationSRQ-ZTEOPENWCDMA/GSM (GPRS) Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
ZTE CorporationSRQ-ZTER621JGSM Digital Mobile Phone
ZTE CorporationSRQ-ZTES521GSM Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
ZTE CorporationSRQ-ZTES522GSM (GPRS) Dual-Band Digital Mobile Phone
ZTE CorporationSRQ-ZTEV795WCDMA/GSM (GPRS) Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
ZTE CorporationSRQ-ZTEV809WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone
ZTE CorporationSRQ-ZTEV829WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Dual-Mode Digital Mobile Phone