FCC Equipment Testing Firm

Radiometrics Midwest Corp.

Testing Firm Registrations:

Radiometrics Midwest Corp. - Romeoville, IL

Firm Name: Radiometrics Midwest Corp.
Location: Romeoville, IL
Expiration Date: 2018-02-28 0
Contact: Joseph Strzelecki
Address: 12 East Devonwood
City: Romeoville
State: Illinois
Postal/Zip Code: 60446
Country: United States
Contact Email: joe@radiomet.com
Phone Number: 8152930772
Fax Number: 8152930820
Contract: Y
Accreditation: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Designation Number: US1065

FCC Licenses Certified With Radiometrics Midwest Corp.

CompanyFCC IDProduct
Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc.PN3Y70080-12.4 GHz ZigBee module
Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc.PN3Y70084Focus AX Meter Containing HAN Module Y70084-1
Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc.PN3Y72129-1Electronic Metering Transceiver
Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc.PN3Y72148-1Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Transceiver
Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc.PN3Y72160-301Wireless Meter Reading System
Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc.PN3Y72553-1Metering transponder
Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc.PN3Y72572-1Residential Metering Transponder
Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc.PN3Y72698-1Residential Metering Transponder
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2015001Series 4000 MTU
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2015003Meter Transmission Unit
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB9975TAclara Synergize RF Network DCU XCVR
Aclara Technologies LLCLLBY84000Synergize RF network utility I210+ meter transponder
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2016001Gas Remote MTU-External Antenna
Aclara Technologies LLCLLBY84024-1(Synergize RF I-210+ Endpoint)
Aclara Technologies LLCLLBY84034-1Synergize RF kV2c Endpoint
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2017017ZoneScan II-Meter Transmitting Unit
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2017020American Rockwell Gas MTU
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2017023American Commercial Gas MTU
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2017021Itron/Sprague Gas MTU
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2017013Gas Remote/Water MTU
Aclara Technologies LLCLLB2017022Meter Transmission Unit (MTU)
Avidyne CorporationRZYMLB7XXRemote control for a Multilink Broadcast Receiver
BRK Brands IncM7U5001LRF-Interconnected smokeC/O Alarms
BRK Brands IncM7U5201LRF-Interconnected Smoke/CO Alarms
Dane Technologies, Inc.N2N600-044Periodic Transmitter for Electric Cart Pusher
Data Comm for Business, Inc.2AA2N-LX1DCB LX1 Linx Radio
Dearborn GroupXOV13EAVOXVehicle Interface
Delsys Inc.W4P-SP-W01Wireless EMG Sensor
Delsys Inc.W4P-SP-W02Base Unit for Wireless EMG Sensor System
Delsys Inc.W4P-SP-W03Wireless EMG Hip Module
Delsys Inc.W4P-SP-W05Wireless EMG Sensor
Delsys Inc.W4P-SP-W06Wireless EMG Sensor
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.Z7KMRKW0515Wireless HART Transmitter
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.Z7KSAH0116Smart Air Hood
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.Z7KUHH0032011Base Universal Handheld Module
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.Z7KWP0082011Probe Radio Board
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.Z7KSAH0616Smart Air Hood
DYNACO USA, Inc.A5Y6803Wireless Sensing Edge System
Federal Signal CorporationHVVVBPeriodic Transmitter for VisiBeam search light
Firefly Integrations2AN2GMIRABLERVCCAN bus to Bluetooth BLE and Ethernet Bridge
Firefly Integrations2AN2GECLIPSERVCCAN bus to Bluetooth BLE and Ethernet Bridge
Freedom InnovationsUPBAMPCKFHSS Transmitter
Fybr, LLC2ALBF5009Parking lot Sensor
Fybr, LLC2ALBF5005Fybe Gateway III
Fybr, LLC2ALBF-5004LoRa Module
GameTraksV3BGTS100-101Electronic Game Call
goTenna Inc.2ABVK37337goTenna PRO
Grayhill IncNMAM1YY1021Rugged Industrial PDA
Grayhill IncNMAM1YY10232Industrial Handheld Computer
Grayhill IncNMAM1YY10233Rugged Industrial PDA
Grayhill IncNMAWM09STDB0001Data Radio Module
GTDevice LLC2AP9ORECEIVERWireless Microphone Dongle
GTDevice LLC2AP9OMICROPHONEWireless Microphone
Herman Miller IncorporatedXWM-HMIRADIOBase receiver and transmitter for wireless sensor communication
Hill-Rom, Inc2AOL2041115Incontinence detection system
Holtzbrinck PublishersT24-ICL242.4 GHz i clicker Remote
Holtzbrinck PublishersT24-ICL24Bi clicker Base Unit
Holtzbrinck PublishersT24-RLR14Wireless audience response device
Holtzbrinck PublishersT24-RLR15Wireless handheld classroom response device for students
Holtzbrinck PublishersT24-TMX14Wireless Audience Response Device
Horizon Hobby, LLCBRWDAMTX122.4 GHz Transceiver Module
Horizon Hobby, LLCBRWDASRX17Transceiver Delta Ray
HP Inc.CNTBOISB110600Multi-Protocol RFID Reader
HP Inc.CNTBOISB160000Multi Protocol RFID Reader
ID-ology DBA Remote Ag Data, Inc.SYAICR04Hand-held RFID reader for ISO tags with Bluetooth
ISC Technologies IncSS6ISC-T5540Non Broadcast Transmitter
ISC Technologies IncSS6ISC-T8411E100 to 225 watt, 150 to 174 MHz paging transmitter
Kustom Signals IncIVQCCBAS900MHz Spread Spectrum Transceiver
Kustom Signals IncIVQCCRMT900 MHz Spread Spectrum Transceiver
Landauer Inc.2ALO9V0100Verifii Dosimeter
Landis + Gyr, Inc.ROV-CELNTMFMMCellnet MFMM 902-928 MHz DSSS transmitter
Landis + Gyr, Inc.ROV-CLTR900MDigital transmission transmitter
Landis + Gyr, Inc.ROV-UTTR900MMeter with Utilinet transmitter
Landis + Gyr, Inc.ROV-P450IHEMP450-ZigBee
Midtronics IncY6OMDXRADIO-CL2Zigbee Module Radio
Midtronics IncY6O-MDX-ZIGB-G3Zigbee RF Transceiver
MIER PRODUCTS, INC.SGXMIPIDA-610Periodic Transmitter
MIER PRODUCTS, INC.SGXMPIDA066Transmitter for Remote Chime
Minarik DrivesWYL-RFTX418Handheld Transmitter
Mobius Bionics LLC2AJ4M10112Prosthetic Arm
Mobius Bionics LLC2AJ4M20260IMU (Inertial measurement unit) used with the LUKE Arm
Mobius Bionics LLC2AJ4M20275PC Dongle for use with the LUKE Arm
Netgear IncorporatedPY312400224Wireless Broadband Wi-Fi Router
New Spin Golf, LLC.Z8JNS001Sensor Module with Bluetooth Communications
NOMi Corporation2ADER-2617Bluetooth Beacon
Primex Wireless, Inc.PZ3-SNSHSynchronous Network System AC Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Primex Wireless, Inc.PZ3-TX400OneVue Sync transceiver
Primos Hunting CallsT3VDOGG002Electronic Game Caller
Primos Hunting CallsT3VDOGG003Electronic Game Caller
RF Ideas IncM9M7580CCLProximity Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9M8058XCCLProximity Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MHP8058XMulti Protocol RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC608X125 kHz RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC608XU0RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC60DXRFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC6T8X132 kHz RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC6X11UNano Dongle
RF Ideas IncM9MLC6X8XRFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC758XRFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC8058UMulti Protocol USB RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC8058XDual Frequency Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MOEM805NXDual Frequency RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR60DX125 kHz RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR6X8XProximity Card Readers
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR7081RFID / Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR7081AKE13.56 MHz RFID / Ethernet Interface Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR70EXRFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR7581RFID / Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR758X13.56 MHz Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR7L8113.56 MHz RFID / USB Interface Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR7P7113.56 MHz RFID / Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR80081Dual Frequency RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR8058XProximity Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MRDR8XX8UProximity Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MSB6X8X125 kHz RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MSB708X13.56 MHz RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MSB758X13.56 MHz Mifare RFID Card Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC8008UMulti Protocol USB RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC7X11UUSB RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC3XX8UMulti Protocol USB RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC80XW6Multi Protocol RS232 RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC7L81Multi Protocol USB RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC80XW6RMulti Protocol RS232 RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MHP7LH1S13.56 MHz RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MHP80LH1DDual Band RFID Reader
RF Ideas IncM9MLC6X11U2125 kHz RFID Reader
Sage Products, LLC2ADY3-8888Clinical Hand Hygiene Dispenser
Schlage Electronic SecurityP2G-RDR-ICLDoor Lock with Proximity Reader Transmitter
Segway IncT2Z2420-012.4GHz FOB for Human Transporter
Segway IncT2Z2420-022.4GHz for Human Transporter
SMART Temps, LLC2AAHTL2013Temperature Management System
Sunrise Technologies Inc.WRWBBXXXXXXXZigbee Smart Energy Twist Lock Outdoor Lighting Control
Technicolor Connected Home USA LLCG95FM-TX08BFM transmitter
Tiger Accessory Group LLCPZT-C6304LED Wireless tow lights
Tracking Innovations, Inc.XZS-TII-1840-0100Base unit for Real Time Tracking System
Tracking Innovations, Inc.XZS-TII-1840-0190Sensor Tags for Real Time Tracking System
Trilithic, Inc.P4V360DSPCable Installer Meter with Wi-Fi
Trilithic, Inc.P4V-EASYCAP-1Emergency Alert System
Trilithic, Inc.P4V-MCAIIISeeker MCA III Cable Installer Meter with Wi-Fi
Trilithic, Inc.P4V-RP1103NWi-Fi Module for Business Certification Meter
UnderSea Sensor Systems, IncLFFSPCCCrewComm Team Radio communications system
UnderSea Sensor Systems, IncLFFSPLM1Radio Communication System & Lapel Microphone
UnderSea Sensor Systems, IncLFFSPRCS1Radio Communication System & Lapel Microphone
Utility Communications, IncYMN-UTR1300Base Station Transmitter
Wearable Inc.XSNA01WiFi Module
Wearable Inc.XSNA02WiFi module with SD card and USB with battery
Westell IncCH87500XX-07Versalink Wifi Device
Westell IncCH89100VMXX-10Wireless Broadband router with WiFi
Westell IncCH8A90427XXX-07Spread Spectrum Transmitter
Westell IncCH8A9080YYXX-07Spread Spectrum Transmitter
Westell IncCH8A9081XXYY-07Spread Spectrum Transmitter
Westell IncCH8A908260XXWireless Gateway
Westell IncCH8A90WMT-00Media Terminal with Wireless LAN
Westell IncCH8C90327WXX-064 Port wireless gateway router
Westell IncCH8D90327WXXX-064 Port Wireless Gateway Router
Westell IncCH8MXX50Wireless Broadband Wi-Fi Router
Westell IncCH8ULS3-CDual Moca 4-Port Ethernet Wi-Fi Gateway
Westell, Inc.NVRDSP95-PAWIndustrial Signal Booster, Repeater
Westell, Inc.NVRBDA610-S8SMR 800 Bi-Directional Amplifier