FCC Equipment Testing Firm

Washington Laboratories, Ltd.

Testing Firm Registrations:

Washington Laboratories, Ltd. - Gaithersburg, MD

Firm Name: Washington Laboratories, Ltd.
Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Expiration Date: 2016-07-30 0
Contact: John Repella
Address: 7560 Lindbergh Drive
City: Gaithersburg
State: Maryland
Postal/Zip Code: 20879
Country: United States
Contact Email: johnr@wll.com
Phone Number: 301-216-1500
Fax Number: 301-216-1590
Contract: Y
Accreditation: ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (formerly ACLASS)
Designation Number: US3001

FCC Licenses Certified With Washington Laboratories, Ltd.

CompanyFCC IDProduct
3e Technologies International, Inc.QVT-523E-900WiMesh End Point Kit 900 MHz Option
3M Traffic Safety SystemsM4ZIN610Infinity 610
AdtranHDCTRC4103Point-to-Point Spread Spectrum Transceiver
AdtranHDCTRC4106TRACER 4106
AdtranHDCTRC4108TRACER 4108 Wide Band Digital System
AdtranHDCTRC4202L1Wide Band Digital Transceiver
AdtranHDCTRC4203Fixed Point to Point Spread Spectrum Transceiver
AdtranHDCTRC4205TRACER 4205
AdtranHDCTRC4205L1Tracer 4205 Point to Point System
AdtranHDCTRC4206Wide Band Digital System
AdtranHDCTRC4206L1Tracer 4206 System
AdtranHDCTRC4208TRACER 4208
AdtranHDCTRC4305Point to Point Unlicensed UNII Microwave System
AdtranHDCTRC5045TRACER 5045
AdtranHDCTRC5045L1Tracer 5045 Point-to-Point Spread Spectrum System
AdtranHDCTRC582TM1Point to Point Spread Spectrum Transceiver
AdtranHDCTRC582TR1Point to Point Spread Spectrum System
AdtranHDCTRC6320TRACER 6000 Series Split System
AdtranHDCTRC6410TRACER 6000
AdtranHDCTRC6410L2XTRACER 6410
AdtranHDCTRC6420Tracer 6420
AdtranHDCTRC6420L2Tracer 6420
AdtranHDCTRC6420L2XTracer 6420L2X
AdtranHDCTRC4208L1Tracer 4208 Point-to-Point Spread Spectrum System
Advanced Measurement Solutions IncNX4P90092Storage Tank Data Transmitter
Airorlite Communications, Inc.UT650289BAX8800DLDownlink Booster Amplifier
Airorlite Communications, Inc.UT650289BAX8800ULUplink Booster Amplifier
Airtronics IncAXYATX039Radio Control Transmitter
Applied Micro Design, Inc2AES2-1465Model 1465 UHF Multi-Carrier In-Building Amplifier
Applied Micro Design, Inc2AES2-1456FFDPA-800Model 1456 FFDPA-800 MHz Multi- Carrier In- Building Amplifier
Applied Micro Design, Inc2AES2-1456FFDPA-700Model 1456 FFDPA-700 MHz Multi-Carrier In-Building Amplifier
ATEQ Corp.TJB-ATEQ-VTXXintelligent tire pressure Analyzer
Autovision Ent. Inc.OR2AVTRANSTR101FM Transmitter
Axiometric, LLCVE4-BER2BER2 Repeater
Axiometric, LLCVE4-GW2C-ACNetwork Bridge
Axiometric, LLCVE4-GW2-DCSpread Spectrum TX
Axiometric, LLCVE4-MS2EMS2E Module
Axiometric, LLCVE4-WM2EWM2E Water Meter
B&B; ElectronicsF4AAPPN551Model APPN-TT551 Module
B&B; ElectronicsF4AWLNG551Ethernet Device Adapter
Blackboard Inc.TMEPR5000X011Point of Sale Reader
Blast Technology ApSRZC-WDMXWDMX-512 Pro Diversity
Brilliant Concepts International LimitedPG5PS001BCI2001Universal Remote Control
Broadcast Sports Inc.KTB-13281-9-005Remote Audio/Video Transmitter
Broadcast Sports Inc.KTB-13418-9-001HD In-Car Transmitter
Capricorn Electronics IncCNAPI460Security/Remote Transmitter
Capricorn Electronics IncCNAWK700Keypad Transmitter
Carcomputer B.V.2ABKP-VIP201412Stinger VIP
Care Technologies IncQCKAC3TXPatient Locator System
CelPlan Technologies, Inc.TFF-FR-100FlexiRadio FR100
Cernium CorporationX86-AF3001001Wireless Security Camera
Cervis Inc.LOBSBU900Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
Cervis Inc.LOBSHH900Direct Sequence TX
Cervis Inc.LOBSRF304SRF304 Module
Checkpoint Systems IncDO4CSRO7500RFID System
Checkpoint Systems IncDO4IUSR07000RFID System
Checkpoint Systems IncDO4LIBUHXLiberty UHX Pedestals
Cobra Electronics CorporationBBOPR250FRS/GMRS UHF Transceiver
Codan LimitedDYYNGTRF Transceiver
Codan LimitedDYYNGT-1RF Transceiver
Codan LimitedDYY23102310 HF Radio System
ComSonics, Inc.PYN12002ALicensed Transmitter
ComSonics, Inc.PYN2007HHDRemote Control Device
ComSonics, Inc.PYN2007VMDVehicle Mounted Transmitter
ComSonics, Inc.PYN22002AWireless Remote
ComSonics, Inc.PYN22002BHome Qualification System
Comtech Mobile DatacomUQR-CMDCMTM203L Band Satellite Earth Station
Comtech Mobile DatacomUQR-CMDCSTM3STM3 Transmitter Module
Concept Engineering, Inc.XVD40019Atticat Remote Transmitter
Connaught Electronics LtdLQN1821
Control Chief CorporationCBF-ADVLJ45-450Body Worn Controller
Crane Payment InnovationsQP8-ECHOICEeChoice RFID Reader
Crane Payment InnovationsQP8-MICROPAY6Micropay 6 Vending Machine and Similar RFID Payment Interface
CSA Medical, IncZC3-TRUFREEZEMEDICAL TruFreeze Console RFID Reader
Datamatic, LtdODYD4000Water Meter Interface Unit
Datamatic, LtdODYD4100Water Meter Interface
Datamatic, LtdODYD4111GD4111 Water Firefly Rev G
Demarc Technology Group, LLCQGK-DT100DT-ZM-100MW-WC Spread Spectrum System
Demarc Technology Group, LLCQGK-DT200PCMCIA WLAN Card
Descartes Corp.PP9P2000CDPDPortable Credit Card Terminal
DigiCall Technologies (Pty) Ltd.OXSPEN100A
DK Technologies Inc.NN7MT2000TAutomotive Remote Control
Ducati Automazione srlOLS137925764Hand Held Remote Security Gate/Garage Door Opener
Dynamic Telecommunications Inc.N7F1998SG001
Eastman Kodak CompanyPA408001Hand Held Remote
Eastman Kodak CompanyPA408002KODAK Theater HD Player
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X2400BECR-2400 Node
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-410CLRFN-410CL
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-420CL1WUtility Meter Reading Transmitter
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-420CL1WNZRFN 420CL(1W, NZ) Module
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-430ELA31WRFN 430EL-A3 (1W)
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-430SLRFN-430SL
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-900SIP900SiP Radio Module
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-EMS-H200BlueMeter Hub Transceiver
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-EMS-MM-GEElectric Meter with BlueMeter Transmitter
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-RFN420CLRFN420CL
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-RFN420CL-NZRFN420CL-NZ
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-RFN420FLUtility Meter Reading Transceiver
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-RFN420FL-G21RFN420fL-G21
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-RFN430EL-A3RFN430EL-A3 Module
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-RFNSCOMMMR3RFN SelectComm-MRB3
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-RFNSCOMMMRBRFN SelectComm-MRB Module
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-500LGRFN-500LG Module
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-NS200RFN NS200
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-SCOM1272V12RFN SelectComm 1272 (12V)
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-SCOM1272V3RFN SelectComm 1272 (3.3V)
Eaton's Cooper Power SystemsP9X-LCR6700RFNLCR6700 RFN
ELVA-1 Ltd.T3S-PPC-1000-EWireless Gigabit Bridge
EMR CorporationM7G-HUHF800-40Commercial Linear Amplifier
EON CorporationJLM-E1000VVending Information Unit (VIU) Data Radio
Etymotic Research, Inc.RWT-ER84Companion Mic - CM4
Etymotic Research, Inc.RWT-ER88Bluetooth Headset
Etymotic Research, Inc.RWT-ER88IiPod Dongle
Etymotic Research, Inc.RWT-ER89Bluetooth Headset
Evolv Tehcnology2ALLJ-EDGE01Security Screening System
Frederick Energy Products LLCQUI-HN-MFGMagnetic Field Generator
Frederick Energy Products LLCQUI-HN-MFG-CMagnetic Field Generator with Collision Avoidance Module
Frederick Energy Products LLCQUI-HN-MFG-XLMagnetic Field XL Generator
Frederick Energy Products LLCQUI-HN-MFG-XL-CMagnetic Field XL Generator with Collision Avoidance Module
Frederick Energy Products LLCQUI-HN-PADPersonal Alarm Device (PAD)
Frederick Energy Products LLCQUI-DDAC-CBSCab Silencer
Frederick Energy Products LLCQUI-DDAC-PDSMagnetic Field Generator
Frederick Energy Products LLCQUI-DDAC-C-PDSMagnetic Field Generator with CAM
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.RUN-XS110MINIPCIUltra Wide Band OEM Device
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.RUN-XS110WDKUltra Wideband Transmitter
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.RUN-XSUWBWDK
Gage Wireless, Inc.TCX-GRC-24Spread Spectrum Data Transceiver
Global Access Pagers IncM5F-GX4900Paging Receiver
H4 Engineering Inc, dba Soloshot Inc.2ALGWRJSS3TMobile tag for use with the automatic filming device
H4 Engineering Inc, dba Soloshot Inc.2ALGWRJSS3BAutomatic filming device
Hetronic International IncLW9-CS434Momentary On Emergency Stop Transmitter
Hetronic International IncLW9-CS434TXNLow Power Data Transmitter
Hetronic International IncLW9-CS458TR-1Low Power Licensed Transmitter Data Modem
Hetronic International IncLW9-CS458TXNLow Power Data Transmitter
Hetronic International IncLW9-GA61-V-1Vermeer Transceiver System
Hetronic International IncLW9-LV1UHF Amplifier
Honeywell International IncHD585606065802.11b Transmitter
Honeywell International IncHD588352802.11b Wireless LAN Module
Honeywell International Inc.C2DLWSN-21-SRAlarm System Transmitter
Honeywell International Inc.S5750016517Modular Spread Spectrum Transmitter
Hughes Network SystemsK3Y3002514-40DirecPC Enterprise Relay
Hughes Network SystemsK3YHNS9250Satellite Terminal
IBA Molecular N. A.URQ-FDG000001Multi-Purpose Synthesis System
Industrial Design and Manufacturing, LLCR9N-SD201Stay Dri Transmitter
Industrial Design and Manufacturing, LLCR9N-SD401Stay Dri Repeater
Innovative Technology of AmericaPTOITATRANSafety Location Device
JLG Industries Inc (An Oshkosh Company)2ADCD1001147542Wireless Analyzer Module
JLG Industries Inc (An Oshkosh Company)2ADCD1001242423RFID Keypad
Kalan LPSWG-PP55Hound Bytes Pet Toy Collar
Laird Controls North America Inc.CN2EPH-15Industrial Remote Controller
Laird Controls North America Inc.CN2ETH-15Industrial Remote Controller
Laird Controls North America Inc.CN2R3ARemote Controlled Transceiver
LifeShield, Inc.S9PSDC1000Siren Detector
Lively, Inc.R6N-0001Lively 1.0 Hub
Lively, Inc.R6N-0004Lively Watch
Logis-Tech, Inc.OVU-LTI-A-0100Inventory and Maintenance Management TX
Logis-Tech, Inc.OVU-LTI-A-0101TD System TX
Mad Catz, Inc.P25WSMC8246B1103CWireless Controller
Mad Catz, Inc.P25WSMC8246B1103RWireless Controller Host
Mala GeoScience AB (publ)QLAWIDERANGEUtility Detection GPR
Marine Instruments S. A.2AEES-MPTRM3P/M3P-T Buoy
Marine Instruments S. A.2AEES-MPTR50GPS Radio Buoy
Matric LimitedK5B-CB500Wireless CAN Bridge
Matric LimitedK5B-CB500LRWireless CAN Bridge 500
Matric LimitedK5B-TP100Low Power Process Control Transmitter
Matric LimitedK5B-TP105Industrial Remote Control
May & Scofield LimitedPRY088TXAutomobile Keyfob Security Transmitter
MEIQP85IN15 in 1 Credit Card Bezel
MEIQP8-MEI915WLANRemote Data Port
MEIQP8MEICARD3BEasichoice 4 in 1 +Credit Card Bezel
Melnor, Inc.VAF-15043CWiFi Aquatimer Control Unit
Melnor, Inc.VAF-15043VWiFi Aquatimer Valve Unit
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.2AMVF-IN10Bluetooth Inflation Device
Miller Edge, Inc.OYE-MEL315Monitored Edge Link
Miller Edge, Inc.OYE-MEL916Monitored Edge Link
Miller Edge, Inc.OYE-MGL916Monitored Gate Link
Miller Edge, Inc.OYE-MTF10RF Link
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10031511SCBA HUD
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10058539RFID Tag Writer
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10058545RFID Tag
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10060782Integrated Control Module
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10075344FireHawk M7 Heads-Up Display
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10075346Low Power Transmitter
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10078565FireHawk M7 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) module
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10083132Firehawk M7 HUD
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10083876Digital Spread Spectrum Transmitter
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10105756MSA GX2 Electronic Cylinder Holder
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10113130M7 Air Mask
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyP9R-10154953G1 RFID Board
Minerva CompanyRP2-TX3Wireless Accelerometer
Mueller Systems, LLCSM6-HUB15XRMi Hub 1.5XR
Mueller Systems, LLCSM6-MINODE-CIHMiNODE-CI Modular TX
Mueller Systems, LLCSM6-MINODE-WATER3Automatic Water Metering
Mueller Systems, LLCSM6-RFDCRFDC Radio Module
Mueller Systems, LLCSM6-RMXRRepeater Radio Module
Mueller Systems, LLCSM6-UWMRAMR transceiver device
Multiplex USANT9PICOCOCKPITRemote Control Transmitter
Multiplex USANT9-PROFI-CARModel Aircraft Radio Control Transmitter
Multiplex USANT9PROFIROYALModel Aircraft Radio Control Transmitter
Nalu Medical Inc2AMB3-34001-001Nalu ETM 34001-001
National Scientific CorporationQ79-703Child Perimerter Safety Device
NBB Controls + Components AGSJ7HYPRO43HyPro Radio Remote Control
NBB Controls + Components AGSJ7NLSMJ430NANO-L SMJ43
NBB Controls + Components AGSJ7NLSMJ915NANO-L SMJ91
NBB Controls + Components AGSJ7NMSMJ915NANO-M SMJ
NBB Controls + Components AGSJ7TJOY96Remote Control Transmitter
NBB Controls + Components AGSJ7TKEY96Remote Control Transmitter
NBB Controls + Components AGSJ7CMPCTV915COMPACT-V
NBB Controls + Components AGSJ7HYPR915HyPRO
Ness Security Products Pty Ltd.O2K-1B315Unlicensed Security Transmitter
Ness Security Products Pty Ltd.O2K-MK304Key Fob Security/Remote Control Transmitter
Ness Security Products Pty Ltd.O2K-RADD304Home Security Transceiver
Ness Security Products Pty Ltd.O2K-SG3-304Remote controlled alarm system/radio dialer
Ness Security Products Pty Ltd.O2K-SMC315Remote controlled alarm system/radio dialer
Ness Security Products Pty Ltd.O2KSPIR304Unlicensed IR Security Transmitter
Nomadic Communications PTY Ltd.OKKNMX910Mobitex Transmitter Module
Nomadic Communications PTY Ltd.OKKNMX920Mobitex Transmitter Module
O'Neill Connectivities IncLT4LAWNIIPOTransmitter module
Ohsung Electronics Co., Ltd.OZ5HNS1000Satellite Receiver Remote Control
ORBCOMM License Corp.XGS-ORBCOG2BAM1Mobile Satellite Earth Station Module
Owlet Baby Care Inc.2AIEP-OBS1BBase Station for Owlet System
Owlet Baby Care Inc.2AIEP-OSS1BInfant sock wearable sensor
PAT AmericaRMH3001Remote Safety Transmitter
Peet Bros Company IncKG7WSS04320RF Transmitter
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-562188Wireless Video Game Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-569888Low Power Video Game Base Module
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-BLDS01X-Box Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-BLDS02X-Box Transmitter/Receiver Dongle
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-CHAM1Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-ECLP-S-1Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-ECLP-S-2Game Console Transceiver for Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-G3-1Wireless Game Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-G3-2G3 Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-NERFPS2-01Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-PRED-S1Wireless Game Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-PRED-S2Wireless Game Controller Dongle
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-SPIRIT1Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-SW-1Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-SW-2Game Console Transceiver for Wireless Controller
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-WAVE1Wireless Docking Station
Pelican AccessoriesO7X-WAVE2Low Powered Transceiver
Primayer LimitedOABCXG970001Eureka 3
Prism Systems Inc.OTC-PD0001Packaged Goods Inspection System
Proxim Wireless CorporationHZB-4000LROutdoor Access Point
PRT Manufacturing LimitedOMS-RFWC3D2 Wireless Controller
PRT Manufacturing LimitedOMS-RFWH3D2 Wireless Controller Host
Pulse~LINK, Inc.SUAPL3301UWB Modular Transmitter
ReconRobotics, Inc.UYXRSK2011-02Recon Scout Operator Control Unit
ReconRobotics, Inc.UYXRSK2012-01Throwbot XT
ReconRobotics, Inc.UYXRSK2012-02Throwbot XT
ReconRobotics, Inc.UYXRSK2018-01Throwbot 2
Reutech Radar SystemsYSD-5840-GR-1000Movemnet and Surveying Radar
Reutech Radar SystemsYSD-5840-SL-3000MSR 300 Movement and Surveying Radar
Schlumberger SemaF9CTALSRFW1Meter Reading Transmitter
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.XSB2300AAcuson Freestyle Ultrasound System Wireless Probe
Simple Matters LLC2AB7P-0001Portable Device using Bluetooth LE Technology
SkyBitz, IncorporatedSAE-000MTXBGLS Mobile Terminal
SkyBitz, IncorporatedSAE-000MTXCL-Band Mobile Terminal
SkyBitz, IncorporatedSAE-000MTXPMTXP L-Band Mobile Terminal
Specifi-Kali LLC2AFKF-C01Laelaps Collar
Specifi-Kali LLC2AFKF-P01Laelaps Pointer
SRC, Inc. - Gryphon Sensors2APK5-R1400Commercial UAS and GA Detection Radar
Stanley Black & DeckerYJ7-DCL074All-purpose LED Light
Stanley Black & DeckerYJ7DCV585Remote for Dust Extractor
Stanley InnerSpaceVKC-SYSTEM100RF ID System
Strata Products Worldwide LLCY68C201Communication Node
Strata Proximity Systems LLCZQ3-SPS-SDMODSurface Display
Strata Proximity Systems LLCZQ3-SPS-SPAD1Hazard Warning Transmitter for Miners
Strata Proximity Systems LLCZQ3-SPS-SPROXSurface Proximity Module
Strata Proximity Systems LLCZQ3-SPS-SSZONMining Safety Proximity Transmitter
Strata Proximity Systems LLCZQ3-SPS-UPROXUnderground Proximity Generator
Strata Proximity Systems LLCZQ3-SPS-USZONMining Safety Proximity Transmitter
Strata Proximity Systems LLCZQ3-SPS-UTPADHazard Warning Transmitter for Miners
SwipeSense2AB5RBAD120SwipeSense Badge -BAD120
SwipeSense2AB5RSEN420Hygiene Sensor
SwipeSense2AB5RHUB520Location Hub
SwipeSense2AB5RCOM620Communication Hub
SWR engineering GmbHQK9SR082002ATMicrowave Flow Sensor
Symbol Technologies IncH9P2090Barcode Scanner
Symbol Technologies IncH9PMC906RCRFID Gun with WLAN
Symbol Technologies IncH9PMC9090R6RFID Gun with WLAN and BT
Symbol Technologies IncH9PMR100ASpread Spectrum Transmitter
Symbol Technologies IncH9PMR400MR400 RFID Reader Module
Symbol Technologies IncH9PRD11320XR400 RFID Reader
Symbol Technologies IncH9PRF1224Multi-protocol UHF RFID reader
Symbol Technologies IncH9PWWC1046
Symbol Technologies, IncPYFAR400USFHSS RFID Reader
Tasco ProductsPMM046480565Low Power Golf Club Reminder
Teletronics International IncMFMWINC2400AWireless Modem
Thales e- Transactions S.A.PB8P4432-051Point of Sale Terminal
Thales e- Transactions S.A.PB8P4432-052Point of Sale Terminal
Thales e- Transactions S.A.PB8P4432-150Point of Sale Terminal
Thomas & Betts CorporationDE4RC3901TRemote Door Chime Transmitter
Thomas & Betts CorporationNA2HS3600TMotion Detector
TPW Innovations ULC2AFYM-0142015Bee2gether Vibe
Trafcon Industries, Inc.PTB50069Traffic Safety Light Control
Trafcon Industries, Inc.PTB50074Traffic Safety Light Control
Transportation Safety Technologies IncNVX-TSD-RR-MPX
Transportation Safety Technologies IncNVX-TSD-RT-MPX
Transportation Safety Technologies IncNVX-TST-RFT200Hand Held Remote
TRW Automotive ElectronicsKHH17TN
TRW Automotive ElectronicsKHH20TN
TRW Automotive ElectronicsKHH20TN-1Remote Control Transmitter
TRW Automotive ElectronicsKHH35ASLow Power Transceiver
TRW Automotive ElectronicsKHH37ASVehicle Immobilizer System
TRX Systems, Inc.BXONEON-TU-1000Neon Tracking Unit
Valeo Comfort and Driving AssistanceN5F-736689-AIgnition Immobilizer
Vubiq Networks, Inc.2ADJ9-V10G-LHaulPass V10g 10 Gbps Ethernet Link
Vubiq Networks, Inc.2ADJ9-V10G-HHaulPass V10g 10 Gbps Ethernet Link
Wireless Highways, Inc.THQ-PC701BladeRunner Wireless Link
YDI WirelessNM5-MB-49Wireless Network Bridge
YDI WirelessNM5-MB-49-HPPoint to Point Wireless Bridge
Zcomax Technologies, Inc.RWQ-325H4Wireless LAN Adapter Module
Zcomax Technologies, Inc.RWQ-CPE2CPE-2 Modular WLAN
Zebra Technologies CorporationUZ7FX7500FX7500 RFID Fixed Reader
Zebra Technologies CorporationUZ7FX9500RFID Reader
Zebra Technologies CorporationUZ7ATR7000RFID Reader AAR2
Zenner Performance Meters, Inc d.b.a. Zenner USA2ACOABTIRBluetooth Installation Radio
Zenner Performance Meters, Inc d.b.a. Zenner USA2ACOA-WM2FBluetooth Installation Radio
Zenner Performance Meters, Inc d.b.a. Zenner USA2ACOA-GM1Stealth Reader Gas Meter Interface
Zephyr Technology CorporationVZ6-BH3-M1Patient Data Transmitter
Zeus Technology Systems, Inc.Q5L-ZRC-20Modular FHSS Transceiver
Zeus Wireless Inc.N4JLRT006Data Radio Module