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National Technical Systems - Silicon Valley

Testing Firm Registrations:

National Technical Systems - Silicon Valley - Fremont, CA

Firm Name: National Technical Systems - Silicon Valley
Location: Fremont, CA
Expiration Date: 2017-09-30 0
Contact: David Bare
Address: 41039 Boyce Road
City: Fremont
State: California
Postal/Zip Code: 94538
Country: United States
Contact Email: david.bare@nts.com
Phone Number: 510-578-3500
Fax Number: 510 578 3510
Contract: Y
Accreditation: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Designation Number: US1031

FCC Licenses Certified With National Technical Systems - Silicon Valley

CompanyFCC IDProduct
Abbott Diabetes CareQXSTX111004Diabetes Monitor Transmitter
Ablelink Electronics LimitedYHEMASM-02199LE Bluetooth Module
Adimos, IncSIV-WVM1101Adimos Wireless Video Module
Adura Technologies, Inc.WYXLCR10P2Lighting control for commercial and industrial buildings
Adura Technologies, Inc.WYXSDR10PAWireless Lighting Control for commerical and industrial buildings
Alien Technology CorporationP65ALR9800RFID Reader
Altierre CorporationW22-ATAG2502.4GHz Electronic Shelf Label
Ambient Systems B.V.XGR-GW30002.4GHz RFID Gateway
Ambient Systems B.V.XGR-MR30002.4GHz RFID Router
Ambient Systems B.V.XGR-SM30002.4GHz RFID Module
ARRISPGRBGW210BGW210-700 ARRIS uDSL Wireless Residential Gateway
ARRISPGRC61WARRIS C61W-700 Wireless RVU Client
Aruba Networks, Inc.Q9DAPINH205Hospitality Dual Band AP
Aruba Networks, Inc.Q9DAPINM210IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n 3x3 dual radio module
Askey Computer CorpH8N-WLU6111802.11b/g/n Module
Askey Computer CorpH8N-WLU6113802.11b/g/n Wireless Adapter
Askey Computer CorpH8N-WPA5151802.11b/g/n Dongle
Avaya, Inc.X7CAP8120802.11abgn Acess Point
Barracuda Networks, Inc.2AHVQBCE130IB3CudaCam Bullet IP Camera
Barracuda Networks, Inc.2AHVQBCE130OD3CudaCam Dome IP Camera
Biscotti Inc.X6JW0001802.11abgn 2x2 radio module
Broadcom CorporationQDS-BRCM1023MIMO 802.11 Cardbus Card
Broadcom CorporationQDS-BRCM1049Bluetooth Transceiver
Broadcom CorporationQDS-BRCM1053802.11bgn WLAN PCI-E Mini Card
Broadcom CorporationQDS-BRCM1079802.11bgn WLAN + Bluetooth NGFF1630 Mini Card
Centauri Medical, Inc.2AAG7-1116AGDynaSense Patient Sensor
Centauri Medical, Inc.2AAG7-1121AEDynaSense USB RF Transceiver
Cisco Systems IncLDKXSCLCR154.9 GHz WMIC Mini PCI Module
Control Chief CorporationCBF-800RWireless Door Opening System, Receiver
Control Chief CorporationCBF-L999Wireless Door Opening System, Hand Held Controller
Datalogic SpAOMJ0008Hand Held Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Dell Inc.E2K512ANHMWWiFi 802.11abgn Module
Dell Inc.E2K625ANXHIntel Centrino Advanced-N+WiMax 6250
Delphi Electronics & SafetyL2C0047TRGSM/GPRS Modem
e-tab International, Inc.QB9E1105Restaurant Tablet
e-tab International, Inc.QB9E1107Restaurant Tablet
E. J. Brooks CompanyR7L-645-EJBActive RF ID Tag
Energous Corporation2ADNG-MLA1599Bluetooth Accessory
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB402Wireless Activity Tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB405Wearable Fitness Tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB406Wireless Fitness Tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB501Fitness tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB502Wireless Activity Tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB407Wireless Fitness Tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB403Wireless Fitness Tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB408Wireless Fitness Tracker
Flextronics Canada Design Services Inc.QQD10EWireless Access Point
Flextronics Canada Design Services Inc.QQD10IWireless Access Point
FreeWave Technologies Inc.KNYAMM0300ATDSS Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-9810Spread Spectrum Data Tranceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-LCT450Tri-Mode Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-LN400Industrial Radio Module
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-LN900Industrial Radio Module
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-MERCMIMO3Wireless Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-MERCMIMO5Wimax Industrial Radio
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-MERCODU3Wireless Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-MERCODU5Wimax Industrial Radio
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-SD1Wireless Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-SD2Wireless Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-SD2-1Wireless Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-SD4SD4 Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-SD4-1Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-SD9-1Wireless Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-SDM9MDS SDM9 Licensed Spectrum Module
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-SF9Wireless Data Transceiver Module
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-TD220Narrowband Wireless Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-TD220MAXNarrowband Data Transceiver
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-GPA-140 Watt RF Amplifier
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-LN700Industrial Radio Module
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-LN100Industrial Radio Module
GE MDS LLCE5MDS-LN200Industrial Radio Module
goidit LLC2AJDY-CARTRKRCar Tracker Tag
Google IncA4RGFHD2544K wireless TV box
Google IncA4RH0AMedia Streaming Device
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV05358LE Bluetooth Module
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV1131Portable FM Transmitter
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV1131ILow Power FM transmitter
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV1201RBRemote control for Evolve Speaker system
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV1462Portable FM transmitter
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV1591Portable FM Transmitter
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV1592Portable FM Transmitter
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV2107Portable FM Transmitter
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV2181Wireless Remote Control
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV36210Low Power FM Transmitter
Griffin Technology Inc.PAV9690iTrip Nano
Hewlett-Packard CompanyB94SDGOB1503802.11bgn 1x1 + BLE USB Module
Hewlett-Packard CompanyB94SDGOB1504802.11bgn 1x1 + BLE SDIO Module
Horizon Hobby, LLCBRWDAMTX112.4 GHz Transceiver
HP Inc.B94SDGOB1391802.11bgn 1x1 USB Module
HP Inc.B94SDGOB1392802.11bgn 1x1 SDIO Module
HP Inc.B94SDGOB1505802.11abgn 2x2 USB Module
HP Inc.B94SDGOB1506802.11abgn 2x2 + Bluetooth Low Energy USB Module
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9100BNHIntel Centrino Wireless-N 100
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9100BNHUIntel Centrino Wireless-N 100
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD911230BNHIntel Centrino Wireless-N 1030
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD911230BNHUIntel Centrino Wireless-N 1030
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9112BNHIntel Centrino Wireless-N 1000
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9112BNHUIntel Centrino Wireless-N 1000
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9112BNMIntel Centrino Wireless-N 1000
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9112BNMUIntel Centrino Wireless-N 1000
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9130BNHIntel Centrino Wireless-N 130
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9130BNHUIntel Centrino Wireless-N 130
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD93160NGWireless Adapter
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD93160NGUWireless Adapter
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD93160SDWireless Adapter
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9512ANHIntel WiFi Link 5100 Series
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9512ANHUIntel Wi-Fi Link 5100 Series
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9512ANMIntel Wi-Fi Link 5100 Series
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9512ANMUIntel Wi-Fi Link 5100 Series
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9512BGMIntel Wi-Fi Link 5100 Series
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9533ANMIntel Wi-Fi Link 5300 Series
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9533ANMUIntel Wi-Fi Link 5300 Series
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9612BNXHIntel Centrino Wireless-N+WiMax 6150
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9612BNXHUIntel Centrino Wireless-N+WiMax 6150
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD962205ANHIntel Centrino Advanced-N 6205
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD962205ANHUIntel Centrino Advanced-N 6205
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD962205BGHIntel Centrino Wireless-N 6205
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD962230ANHIntel Centrino Advanced-N 6230
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD962230ANHUIntel Centrino Advanced-N 6230
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9622ANXHIntel Centrino Advanced-N+WiMax 6250
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9622ANXHUIntel Centrino Advanced-N+WiMax 6250
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD96235ANNGIntel Centrino Advanced-N 6235
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD96235ANNGUIntel Centrino Advanced-N 6235
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD97265D2Wireless Network Adapter
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9LEN512ANMUIntel Wi-Fi Link 5100 Series
Intel Mobile CommunicationsPD9PBA5001Wireless Network Adapter
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.2AAZF-ACCRX01RFID Module
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.2AAZF-SRFAX01RFID Module
J-Link Co., Ltd.TVT1067Car Charger and Transmitter for iPod and iPhone
Kinsa Inc2AFEOQC1Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer
Lab Sensor Solutions Inc.2AFKHTTRACKS1Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature sensor
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions2AL8XAPEXZLight scattering airborne particle counter
Mark One Lifestyle2AFM8-00001Drinking Vessel with BLE
Memtec CorporationFFW-950-12LR-HHCMobileECG
Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC2AJ5V-SS-SCSB1Pipette Stand
Motorola Solutions, Inc.ABZ89FT76235400xxyyzzab
Neato Robotics Inc.2ABSSLEMIQRobotic Vacuum Cleaner
Neato Robotics Inc.2ABSSJLTCJRobotic Vacuum Cleaner
Neato Robotics Inc.2ABSSLVJPJRobotic Vacuum Cleaner
Netgear IncorporatedPY306200046NETGEAR RangeMax NEXT Wireless Notebook Adapter
Nevro CorporationXKYEXTS1000Trial Stimulator
Nevro CorporationXKYIPG1000Senza Implantable Pulse Generator
Nevro CorporationXKYIPG1500Senza Implantable Pulse Generator
Nevro CorporationXKYPTRD1000Patient Remote
Nevro CorporationXKYWAND1000Programmer Wand
Nevro CorporationXKYIPG2000Implantable Spinal Cord Stimulator
Nextivity IncorporatedYETCELFI-RS224CUCel-Fi Residential System
Nextivity IncorporatedYETCELFI-RS224WUCel-Fi Residential System
Nextivity IncorporatedYETCELFI-RS240CUCel-Fi Residential System
Nextivity IncorporatedYETCELFI-RS240WUCel-Fi Residential System
Nextivity IncorporatedYETP24512CUProvider Specific Consumer Signal Booster
Nextivity IncorporatedYETP24512NUProvider Specific Consumer Signal Booster
Olio Devices, Inc.2AEP5H1BSmart Watch with Bluetooth
Ozmo, IncEFU-OZMO-WM012-A1Dual Band WiFi Direct Transceiver
Pace AmericasPGR2G4360M260-E255030 2.4GHz WiFi Module
Pace AmericasPGR2W3800VDSL Router
Pace AmericasPGR2WHPLHG802.11b/g Homeportal
Pace AmericasPGR5G4360M260-E255040 5GHz WiFi Module
Pace AmericasPGRC61Set Top Box MoCA client with integrated RF4CE wireless remote
Pace AmericasPGRHR54Satellite HD/DVR IRD STB Server with integrated 802.11 & RF4CE Wireless
Pace AmericasPGRIPW8X4NWireless STB
Pace AmericasPGRPX031ANICable IP Set Top Box client with integrated RF4CE wireless remote
Pace AmericasPGRHR54-2Satellite HD/DVR IRD STB Server with integrated 802.11 & RF4CE Wireless
Plantronics IncAL8CA12CDXXXXWireless Headset Adapter - Base Unit
Plantronics IncAL8CA12CDYYYYWireless Headset Adapter - Remote Unit
Plantronics IncAL8CS3YYYYWireless Telephone Adapter Headset
Plantronics IncAL8-WO1Wireless Communications System Base
Plantronics IncAL8-WH500XD1900MHz Convertible Headset
Plantronics IncAL8-C05XXD1900 MHz CORDLESS BASE UNIT
Plantronics IncAL8-WH3X0XD1900MHz Monaural and Binaural Headsets
Proteus Digital Health, Inc.X7906120Proteus Patch, Model SPC-0800
Proteus Digital Health, Inc.X7906550Proteus Wearable Sensor Module, Model SPC-0655
Proteus Digital Health, Inc.X7901913Proteus Two-part patch, Model RW2
Pyramid CommunicationsLRUWB1000Wireless Microphone Basestation
Pyramid CommunicationsLRUWM1000Wireless Microphone
RedOctane, Inc.VFI95519805Wireless XBox 360 Drum Set
RedOctane, Inc.VFI95519808GH5 Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360
RedOctane, Inc.VFI95849809GH5 Wireless Turntable Controller for Xbox 360
RedOctane, Inc.VFI95905805GH5 Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360
RedOctane, Inc.VFIBW95123805Guitar Hero Wireless Controller
Ricoh Company LtdBBP-WLNEWS102eWriter - Ricoh eQuill eQ102
Rockwell Collins IncAJK8222577HPA-901B High Power Amplifier
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9G2XX2-XXXWireless AP
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GMP2N33A802.11b/g/n module
Safemine LtdZKSQC250ACollision Avoidance System
Samsung Electronics Co LtdA3LHR54200Satellite HD/DVR IRD STB with integrated 802.11 & RF4CE Wireless
SanDiskR4V-SDWS4Wireless Flash Drive
Satarii IncAMX-1721BA1Wireless Robotically Controlled Camera System Basestation
Satarii IncAMX-1721MA1Wireless Robotically Controlled Camera System Remote
Savi Technology IncKL7-602T-V1RFID Tag
Savi Technology IncKL7-614T-V1Active RF ID Tag ST614 & ST615
Savi Technology IncKL7-616T-V1RFID Tag
Savi Technology IncKL7-650MR-V4Low Power Transmitter
Savi Technology IncKL7-650MR-V6RFID Reader
Savi Technology IncKL7-650R-V2RFID Tag Interrogator
Savi Technology IncKL7-654T-V2EchoPoint Series SR-645 Tag
Savi Technology IncKL7-654T-V4RFID Tag
Savi Technology IncKL7-656T-V1RFID Tag
Savi Technology IncKL7-662T-V2RF ID Tag
Savi Technology IncKL7-674T-V2RFID Tag
Savi Technology IncKL7-675T-V1RFID Tag
SDR ElectronicsVKM1129Portable FM Transmitter
Sensor Industries, INC2AGSF-R006900MHz Radio Module
Sensor Industries, INC2AGSF-S001900MHz Radio Module
Silver Spring NetworksOWS-NIC502900MHz Wireless LAN Network Relay
SIMREX CorporationT72-DMESSIIDataMover ESS-II
Smart Systems InternationalLG4T6510Occupancy Sensor
Star Solutions International IncS52-1-09-00-00-1iCell COMPAC 1X IP-RAN 800MHz CPU (/w0 CPU) DC
Star Solutions International IncS52-1-09-01-00-1iCell COMPAC 1X IP-RAN 1900MHz CPU (/wo CPU) DC
Star Solutions International IncS52-2-09-00-00-1iCell COMPAC D0 IP - RAN 800MHz CPU (/wo CPU) DC
Star Solutions International IncS52-2-09-01-00-1iCell COMPAC DO IP-RAN 1900MHz CPU (/wo CPU) DC
Summit Data Communications, Inc.TWG-SDCCF10AG802.11a/g Compact Flash Module
Summit Data Communications, Inc.TWG-SDCMSD30AG802.11ag Mini Compact Flash Module
Summit Data Communications, Inc.TWG-SDCMSD40NBT802.11abgn (1X1) + Bluetooth (2.1) module
Summit Data Communications, Inc.TWG-SDCSSD40L802.11b/g/n SDIO module
Summit Data Communications, Inc.TWG-SDCSSD40NBT802.11abgn (1X1) + Bluetooth (2.1) module
Summit Data Communications, Inc.TWG-SDCWB40NBT802.11abgn (1X1) + Bluetooth (2.1) module
Systech CorporationKJM-SLZW0001SLZW0001
Systech CorporationKJM-SLZW0002SLZW0002
Technicolor Connected Home USA LLCG95C61Set Top Box MoCA client with integrated RF4CE wireless remote
Technicolor Connected Home USA LLCG95H44-100Satellite reciever set top box
Technicolor Connected Home USA LLCG95H44-100ASatellite receiver set top box
Technicolor Connected Home USA LLCG95LC61Set Top Box MoCA client with integrated RF4CE wireless remote
TiVo Inc.TGN-TCD8400Multimedia Hub
TiVo Inc.TGN-TCD8465Multimedia Hub
TiVo Inc.TGN-TCD8495Multimedia Hub
TiVo Inc.TGN-TCDA93000Multimedia Hub
TiVo Inc.TGN-TCD84AHeadless Over-The-Air DVR
Topcon America CorporationLCB-860805GNSS Receiver
Topcon America CorporationLCB-F90901GPSS receiver with 900MHz and Bluetooth radio
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.WR4-R2LITEUHFR2 Lite UHF Transceiver Module (403 - 470MHz)
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.WR4-R2LITEFH915R2Lite FH915 FHSS Transceiver module
Trimble Navigation LtdJUP-48480-SNB900Trimble® SNB900 Radio Modem
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-AF5U5.8GHz Point-to-Point Radio
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-M365N3.65GHz 2x2 MIMO AirMax TDMA Station & 3.65-3.675 GHz 2x2 MIMO Bridging
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-NBM5D802.11n 2x2 MIMO
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-NSM5D802.11a/n 2x2 MIMO
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-RM5802.11n 2x2 MIMO BaseStation
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-VPM802.11 basestation
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-VPS802.11 basestation
Unigen CorporationR8KUGWN2USHN332.4GHz Wireless Module
Visiplex, Inc.2AAFWCT10XCompact Transmitter
Visiplex, Inc.2AAFWCT15XCompact Transmitter
Visiplex, Inc.2AAFWVNS22XXWireless Paging Controller
Visiplex, Inc.2AAFWVTX1Radio Transceiver
Vivint. Inc.2AAAS-AP02Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Access Point
Vivint. Inc.2AAAS-AP03Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Access Point
Vivint. Inc.2AAAS-CE02Outdoor Wireless CPE Client
Vivint. Inc.2AAAS-CE03Outdoor Wireless CPE Client
Vocera CommunicationsQGZAB3000Hands-free VOIP Communication Device
Vocera CommunicationsQGZB2000Vocera 802.11 badge
Vocera CommunicationsQGZB3000NB3000N Communication Badge
Westell IncCH8D90327W30-XX802.11g wireless router
Wireless Dynamics Inc.SHFICARTE520RFID
Wireless Seismic, Inc.YZO-00105Wireless Remote Unit
Xetawave LLCPEJ-XETA2200MHz Data Transceiver
Xetawave LLCPEJ-XKJS7700 MHz Data Transceiver
Xetawave LLCPEJ-9382009700 MHz 10W Data Transceiver
Xetawave LLCPEJ-9382010150MHz 5W Data Transceiver
Xirrus, Inc.SK6XI20802.11 abgn 2x2 Module
Xirrus, Inc.SK6-XIAC3470802.11abgn/ac module
Xirrus, Inc.SK6XI-N300802.11abgn 2x2 Module
Xirrus, Inc.SK6XN12Wireless LAN Array
Xirrus, Inc.SK6XN16Wireless LAN Array
Xirrus, Inc.SK6XN8Wireless LAN Array
Xirrus, Inc.SK6-XR2425H802.11abgn (2x2) access point for outdoor installations
Zebra Technologies CorporationUZ7HC170Headmounted computer
Zelocity CorporationR8W-ZPL01PureLaunch Launch Monitor
Zultys TechnologiesR7NZIP4X5Bluetooth FHSS transceiver in VOIP Phone